Factory Price steam boiler 2t Nepal

December 28, 2018, fast Boiler Co., Ltd. through a one-time inspection, duly named academician workstation. The Group was rated "academician workstation" station units, marking the overall level of scientific research and innovation our company has been at the forefront of the boiler industry has been affirmed and recognized experts in the community. Establish academician workstation, it is an important measure of business demand and technological innovation academician expert resources to achieve successful docking. This served as the "fast boiler academician workstation (ID: GZZ2018042)" in the station academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of pressure vessels and Xuedong, director of Pipeline Safety Engineering Technology Research Center.

Condensing boilers using issues to be addressed in recent years began to condensing boilers in new products for domestic use boiler, condensing boiler suits my policy standards promulgated by the state, then the use of the process, we also encountered some problems that must be addressed, Xiao Bian summarized as follows: 1, condensing boilers do not adapt to some of the high-temperature system for low-temperature radiant floor heating. 2, condensing boilers require specially designed temperature control system and debugging equipment. 3, the condensed water generally has a slightly acidic, corrosion resistance is required ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, aluminum and the like; 4, annual operating time equivalent assessment of investment and recovery period; 5, the condensed water and recycling emissions. 6, power can not be too small, there will backfire, causing an explosion, corrosive wall. (Recommended to choose the power of 35 kilowatts and above)

Two hot water boiler drum: located at the top of the boiler, is a cylindrical pressure vessel, its bottom is water, the upper part is steam, it accepts economizer water, and at the same time with the downcomer, header, water wall together to form a water circulation circuit. The steam-water mixture formed by the water absorbing heat in the water wall is collected in the steam drum, and the saturated steam is transported to the superheater after the separation of the steam-water from the steam-water.

Many Pakistan guests always ask a questions before deal, “what is the difference between SZL series coal fired factory price steam boiler 2t nepal and DZL series coal fired steam boiler ?” there are mainly difference between them.