combined oil gas fired Vacuum Boiler in Africa

What are the advantages slip parameter Henan gas combined oil fired vacuum boiler in africa unit? Henan gas boiler and turbine generator and start, while boosting boiler ignition, a low boiler parameters using superheated steam turbine to warm up increases the speed with load. Since the Turbo is warm start parameters steam temperature in the case of changing the vapor pressure and the like. Increases the speed. And a small amount of network and receiving the load, so called sliding start parameters, also called kit or unit is started. Many advantages: (1) start with the machine compared furnace separately, from the start to the unit with a full load, the time required is greatly reduced. Each turbine and boiler start-up time required, Henan gas boiler steam turbine start-up and the time required for the individual. And the time required for the steam turbine startup parameter sliding substantially equal to the time required for a single start, even shorter. (2) Since the parameters of the low initial start Henan gas boiler superheater outlet exhaust steam is used to warm recovered heat increases the speed and working fluid losses and part load, caused by exhaust. (3) warm the pipe warm lower pressure and temperature steam, thermal stress is much smaller than with the higher steam temperatures and pressures warm the pipe warm. (4) started separately, since the initial rise fire, the steam superheater is not cooled, burn-out to prevent overheating, you must limit the amount of fuel entering the gas boiler Henan. And slippery start parameter, starting with a vacuum in the condenser, soon there superheater steam cooling, Stokes speed can be significantly faster. At low pressure, large volume flow in the steam superheater, superheater tubes is not as small as the exhaust flow rate (about 15% to 20% of the rated evaporation), the flow rate variation when thermal image is generated individually activated deviation. (5) Sliding Parameters, Henan gas boiler starts to meet the requirements of the turbine increases the speed of the warm-up, because of the time needed to start a steam turbine is sufficient for the boiler. Adjusting the intensity of combustion boiler can be used (i.e., a control quantity of fuel into the furnace) to control starting conditions. When sliding pressure starting, due to the large volume flow of steam, it is advantageous to improve the water cycle and steam drum wall temperature difference from top to bottom.

Vacuum Products vacuum combined oil fired vacuum boiler in africa boiler is a hot water boiler, water heater, also called vacuum, vacuum boiler from the basic principles of the 1972 Zurich University of the invention. Vacuum boiler is mainly used for civilian heating, can be used in specific situations hotels, residential areas, commercial establishments like heating, sanitary hot water heating. Vacuum boiler vacuum boiler works a negative pressure vacuum is formed in a closed environment inside the furnace, the heat medium is filled in the body of water. Or otherwise heated by combustion heat medium water, heat medium water is heated to generate steam, the water heat exchanger heated by the pipe of the condensing heat exchanger, to achieve the supply of hot water. Vacuum boiler leak leak detection method described may be employed soapy water pressure. Wipe the first leak site (e.g., wire head, flange, etc.), and find a diameter 3-4mm thick sheet or plank is placed between the disk and the blade is about 80mm, prevent the boiler pressure proof sheet is bulged blade punctured. Allow operation of the burner, turn off the vacuum and high vacuum diaphragm valve means, so that the pot 0.05MPa pressure rise, closing the burner, pressure, liquid soap applied with a brush in the presence of all possible leak site, carefully, if leakage point will produce bubbles. Note that the pot pressure should not exceed 0.1MPa! For an examination site: explosion-proof valve, high vacuum diaphragm valve (hose connection), the furnace outfall seat, mirror, automatic vacuum device, a pressure control means on the furnace level, water temperature and other probe mounting interface. Found leakage diaphragm valve position required to open the high vacuum vapor discharge, reinstall the leak. After installation is complete again with soap and water leak detection method for detecting pressure, missing dots after confirmation, closing the diaphragm valve is opened after the high vacuum vapor release, and the plates come between the blade and the disk, closing the circulation pump, and then evacuated so half an hour to run the apparatus evacuated to a vacuum state.

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Despite the stable and safe operation of the products, the use of gas-fired steam combined oil fired vacuum boiler in africas should be very common. But it's not that you can manipulate it at will. This time we will introduce some excerpts that must be noted when using gas-fired steam boilers. First of all, it is very important to carefully examine the gas steam cooker before starting the boiler. The review process is very important. We must review these parts. For example, whether the gas pressure is reasonable, whether the windshield of the flue gas pipe is open, and whether the vacuum pump is pumping water. Normal. Wait. The boiler can be started only when the equipment is in good condition, and each steam can be operated safely Safety of steam boilers. Second, using shutdown during shutdown should be a very strict process. First, the fire should be turned into a small fire, then slowly extinguished and the burner closed. There should be a lot of summaries about the safe use of steam boilers. If you can pay special attention to the use of so many abstracts, I think the use of steam boilers is very safe to avoid improper use of details. When the water level is lower than the specified minimum water level, but can still be seen in the water level observation instrument, the water temperature is judged to be insufficient, and when the water level measurement item does not measure the water level height, the water level is judged to be seriously short of water. The generalizations of this phenomenon will be listed in The results are as follows: (1) the water level of the drum is less than the normal water level; (2) the warning of low water level is made automatically and the signal light is on; (3) the steam temperature of superheated steam is increased; (3) the temperature of superheated steam is increased; (4) the water supply is abnormal, which is lower than the value of steam flow; (5) the temperature of exhaust water vapor is increased.