Manufacturers hot water boiler Commercial 2 ton Cyprus

Boiler requirements temperature does not exceed 90 ~ 100 ℃ deoxygenated water, oxygen and the use of thermal water temperature exceeds 100 ℃, and how? Boiler water requirements are in addition to the peroxide, the water temperature does not exceed 90 ~ 100 ℃, which the system uses a thermal deaerator is not easy to do, but in the field can take appropriate measures to resolve this conflict. The key is to limit the temperature of the boiler drum Sheung thick-walled, high temperature furnace cooling Sheung, easy to form the inner and outer walls of a large temperature difference, resulting in thermal stress is large, so long as the temperature of the feedwater entering the lower drum i.e. solve this problem.

Lujiang County, Anhui Province People's Government to strengthen the special equipment safety supervision, eliminate security risks, protect people's lives and property safety, recently, market supervision arrangements father of the rule of the mountain to carry out a special inspection of the boiler.

The area under the jurisdiction, boiler unit 10, involving 13 sets of boilers, mainly for industrial enterprises, food production enterprises. The audit focused on with the operation of the boiler, the boiler nature of the situation (coal, electricity, gas, biomass, etc.), verification test cases, water quality monitoring, troubleshooting, case workers certified, the implementation of the system, etc. . Examination revealed there is some use of units overdue inspection, the main responsibility is not implemented and so on, law enforcement officials immediately issued special equipment safety supervision instructions, the use of units ordered to stop using, to urge the rectification.

When the boiler heat load is gradually increased (e.g., above 30% rated load), increase flow through the screen steam superheater tube wall will not be sufficient cooling, a higher temperature tends to the wall, even over temperature. At this time, the steam temperature should be adjusted using a desuperheater can reduce the inlet temperature of the platen superheater, increased flow through it and its subsequent heating surface of the platen superheater safety factor is improved.

Supporting steam boiler economizer What are the benefits? 0.5 tons of horizontal steam boiler supporting our company has economizer 2T, but many users will ask what is the economizer? Steam boiler economizer supporting what effect? Today it is around this topic with you a brief introduction to supporting the steam boiler economizer What are the benefits? Economizer principle is to use the heat of the flue boiler to discharge heated water A heat exchange means. By installing steam boiler economizer, the exhaust temperature can be further reduced, to increase the area of ​​the steam boiler heated thereby saving the fuel functions as so called economizer, preheater and smoke principle is similar. I have steam boiler economizer is a type of cast iron, steam boilers supporting the boiler flue gas economizer can absorb heat, reduce exhaust gas temperature thus saving pigment. Steam boiler feed water prior to entering the boiler drum is to enter the economizer, using the flue gas of the heating boiler steam heat, less heat absorption of cold water inside the boiler, which replaced a portion corresponding to economizer evaporator heating surface. As can be seen from the above steam boiler economizer is more cost effective to install, in addition I produced 0.5 tons of gas horizontal and vertical steam boiler 0.5 tons of fuel gas steam boiler does not require the use of certificates of acceptance and run the boiler, which kinds of steam boilers praise the majority of users, switching to inquire.