boiler Agent Energy Saving 8 ton Jordan

To ensure the safety of special equipment such as boiler agent energy saving 8 ton jordans, in normal use, to further promote the comprehensive management of environmental pollution, since April this year, Khorgas Market Supervision Administration of Quality Supervision Bureau for the joint Yili area within the jurisdiction of Khorgas , launched a special safety inspection activities boilers.

Law enforcement officers to be included within the jurisdiction of the major hazard of 12 boiler units of a total of 21 boilers individually conduct a special inspection, focus on examination of the "three implementation, two certified, a test, a plan," the implementation of a detailed view of boiler safety management system, run records.

Test results showed that most of the boiler unit security management more standardized, but there are still some units use boilers run records were incomplete, part of the boiler has to inspection cycle, has been scrapped or dismantled boiler is not write-off and other issues, law enforcement officers to issue on-site boiler sealed, and ordered boiler unit for rectification.

3. The use of automatic burners, high automation, and effective fuel conservation

5. The use of threaded tobacco pipes enhances heat transfer and improves thermal efficiency.

6. The application of advanced digital control technology can accurately monitor the combustion process remotely. High degree of automation, a variety of protection and improve the realization of water level pressure and other automatic control.

7. Addition of a condensation heat exchanger at the smoke outlet to reduce the temperature of exhaust smoke and to absorb the sensible heat and latent heat in the flue gas and improve the efficiency of the boiler

"Late last night a boiler agent energy saving 8 ton jordan exploded in a sugar mill here, killing five people and injuring 10 others," a police official posted in Gopalganj said.

Why emphasize, gas boiler agent energy saving 8 ton jordan regular maintenance must be everyone in the purchase of gas boilers, boiler efficiency and service life are important reference index. But let the boiler operating efficiency and service life of double standards, not just choose a good quality gas boiler so simple, late boiler regular maintenance work is critical. This is mainly due to the different regions and different business differences for gas quality and water quality. 1, differences in gas quality, natural gas and LPG are relatively clean air, artificial gas is relatively poor, a lot of impurities inside thereof, and the composition less stable, low heating value, and the effect on the life of the equipment operation larger. 2, differences in quality, of the larger land area, a large difference is present in each of the water quality, various calcium and magnesium ion content in water, although water boiler is processed through demineralized water, and difficult to scale, but only reduced softening tap water content of calcium and magnesium ions, and can not be completely eliminated. When water is heated, water, calcium, magnesium, iron and other rapidly water combined with carbonate, silicate, hydroxide and the like, to produce calcium carbonate, magnesium silicate scale, and firmly attached to transducer heat pipe inner wall and the like, resulting in deterioration of the effect of heat transfer systems, reduced diameter, or a poor flow blockage, energy consumption increases, and once the boiler pump clogging, poor water failure prone, primary the heat exchanger can be easily damaged at high temperature flame, thereby shortening the life of the boiler water circulation system equipment.