Dealer Commercial boiler 8t Laos

March 26, 2018, fast Boiler Marketing Summit successfully held in Anyang, excellent strategic partner dealers across the country gathered in beautiful surroundings Huan Gulf Hotel venue center, witnessed ups and downs square almost 20 years, complicity future development plans.

Internal and external inspection of in-service pressure-bearing equipment: In order to ensure the normal and safe operation of the power plant dealer commercial boiler 8t laos, it is necessary to carry out the necessary inspection according to the legal norms and standards, and to carry out the comprehensive inspection of the pressure-bearing equipment on a regular basis. Conduct inspection in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regular Inspection rules for boilers. Periodic inspection cycle is divided into external inspection, internal inspection and pressure test. And each inspection time has the clear stipulation. In the "rules for regular Inspection of boilers", there are clear regulations and requirements in terms of inspection preparation, inspection methods, inspection contents, treatment of defects and inspection results, so as to avoid omissions and misjudgments in the inspection process. It can effectively improve the performance of the pressure-bearing equipment in the process of operation. Safety and stability.

Gas hot water dealer commercial boiler 8t laos accessories What are the features: With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, the traditional way of life has been performed using gas gradually faded, now produce a gas hot water boiler high stability, this machine is a gas as the main raw material , the water is heated by a burner, enough to meet the daily needs of residents. So this accessory in line with China's national conditions of professional gas hot water boilers What are the characteristics? 1. burner gas hot water boiler is equipped with imported brand burner, with automated feature that allows the controller to generate the purge function, which automatically electronic ignition combustion, so performance will be more stable, the most important is having a flameout protection device , there is no danger. 2. professional smart chip installed inside the hot water boiler combustion controller, has an internal smart chip, can automatically time and fixed temperature. After setting all and the opening and shutdown time, some people do not need to be chaperoned so completely save time and effort. 3. spoiler flame tube inserted into the gas hot water boiler fire retardant inside the spoiler, exhaust velocity to effectively slow down completely, so that the temperature of the flue gas is reduced, reducing heat losses. 4. Water temperature display unit boiler water temperature display a display device, which would allow consumers to grasp the good operating conditions in the boiler. And the water temperature can be set from ten degrees to ninety degrees, so convenient domestic water residents. The entire overload protection device with a gas hot water boiler overheating protection device, as long as the water temperature exceeds the standard state, the alarm mode will automatically open. When the second housing is heated over 105 degrees so that the machine will automatically cut off. Another scenario would cut off power supply: There will automatically stop working when the water level falls below the low water level, and the police.

(5) After the above is normal, gradually open the main valve of the steam dealer commercial boiler 8t laos for warming, generally can be sent to the sub-cylinder, and then open the emergency vent valve to discharge to the outside. At this time, the water should be replenished in time to observe the change of water level and ensure the steam pressure in the steam boiler furnace. The water supply should be based on the principle of less replenishment. Avoid excessive hydration and affect steam pressure. The steam boiler should be operated continuously for 72 hours. During the trial operation, if the equipment is checked and the water supply system is abnormal, the steam can be officially sent to the outside network and steam.