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Use boiler fireman in charge of daily operations would be required to learn knowledge about the use of the burner. Fireman personnel to achieve the "three to understand the four" standard that is to understand the operating principles, understand the rules, understand safety regulations; boiler operation will be, will be troubleshooting, maintenance will be simple, routine maintenance will be. When the burner has perceived findings among the working process should be shut down and notify maintenance personnel, if the need to disassemble the combustor for inspection or maintenance work, must first turn off the power and fuel. 1. boiler door lock, should ensure that the door to shake, and safe and reliable. 2. Prohibit the use of paper and garbage incineration boilers. 3. The protection system of boilers and burners comprising: explosion vent (boiler), heating system pressure protection, water protection, pressure protection, high pressure protection, low pressure protection, flame monitoring protection. When the burner practice, various protection signals are sent to the program controller, the respective program controller protection signal has been received, the protection signal only when all are normal, to start the burner. 4. The tightness of the gas line during the installation process has been checked. In general, not detached. It takes disassembly, after re-connecting line should be checked for air tightness. The gas supply pressure valve can not exceed the maximum allowable pressure in the combustor is indicated on the nameplate. When abnormal supply pressure, the burner should be closed. 6. When the filter is dirty gas pipe line, a valve should be closed pipeline cleaning (or replace) the filter gas pipe. 7. The front portion of the photosensitive surface of the photoelectric sensing should be kept clean, periodically remove the wipe. However, please note that when a sense of photoelectric eyes back into the electric eye sockets, electric eyes photosensitive part should be toward the front. 8. The temperature in the vicinity of the burner is not too high, or else the burner portion of the assembly constituted damage, especially in the control box. 9. near the burner should be kept clean, can not put their things, so as not to be drawn into the burner, resulting in losses. 10 is too high, too low or unstable portion of the assembly of a voltage configuration would damage the burner, may also affect the normal operation of the burner. 11. The burner should avoid being splashed water. Should maintain indoor dry, ventilated. 12. The flame burner requires a volume of air when burned, please keep in circulation boiler room air. 13. If the burner for an ignition fails to restart, you must wait a period of about about 10 minutes, until the combustible gas furnace burner cleared before restarting. After three consecutive failures, not in the start-up burner, shall promptly notify the professionals to repair.

Pressure steam boiler shutdown fire you do not know the techniques and precautions steam boiler refers to water heated to a certain temperature parameters and the production of industrial steam boiler, the water in the steam drum is heated to become vapor, fire emits heat in the furnace, It is the principle of the steam boiler. Steam boiler belongs to special equipment, design, processing, manufacturing, installation and use of the boiler must be supervised by technical supervision departments, users only get to use the boiler permits to use steam boilers. Fire pressure steam boiler shutdown is interrupted by slowly burning until the load drops to zero until a planned shutdown. Specific steps are as follows: 1, to reduce boiler load, according to the length of time of shutdown, the seam thicker, the thickness is generally not more than 200 mm, suitable to accelerate the speed of the grate. 2, the distance to the thick seam slag is about 1 mm grate stop rotation of the drum is stopped, the operation of the induced draft fan, blowing off a small segment of the regulating plate stopper and dampers qs, relying on natural ventilation to maintain coal lean-burn, the sewage, boiler water level will rise to the maximum allowable level. If the fire burn coal gate, grate can be switched on again, the gas will move back some distance. 3, the recovery boiler needs to run, as long as the opening lead, a blower, to adjust the smoke, and the wind baffle plenum segment adjusting the opening degree of the shutter, the adjustment of combustion steam boiler seam thickness to be normal, start grate, to resume operation .

Major scientific and technological innovation is the State of the weighing, State of the weapon must be firmly in their hands, we must rely on self-reliance and independent innovation. - Xi Jinping December 14, kicked off at the Third International Fair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at the National Convention. As China's first international "double hit" Expo theme show to the world maker culture: power generation, focusing on innovation! Fast Boiler Co., Ltd., Henan Province, to participate as an outstanding representative of the exhibition, at the provincial delegation of the booth, the party fast low nitrogen product model boiler and remote monitoring system is placed at the front, leaders at all levels attach great importance to the domestic foreign passengers .

How to solve the air pollution problem caused by food processing boiler operation for a long time, coal-fired boiler boiler industry occupies 90% of coverage, coal prices are not high for the economy is relatively backward areas, as well as coal-fired boilers do not ask, you can use low heat, high ash low grade coal. But with the massive emissions of coal combustion caused by sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, dust and other harmful substances, causing serious air pollution, fog and haze has cropped up, China's increasingly stringent air pollution, coal-fired boiler problems faced overhaul or banned. Food processing industry as the foundation of human existence and life, in the face of more stringent food processing caused by boiler exhaust pollution treatment, clean type of fuel gas-fired boiler choice of various food companies. Take the gas boiler, it is generally used natural gas as a fuel, natural gas use since it was developed, it is known to clean energy. The main component of natural gas is methane (CH4), carbon dioxide generated during combustion only (CO2) and water (H2O), only when the combustion temperature is higher than 1300 ℃ when nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other substances, but to bring the processing operation of the boiler the air pollution problem, prefer to use natural gas as a boiler fuel. Fast boiler since its inception, and be fully independent R & D of gas boiler, condensing technology, research and development and use of FGR and premix combustion flue gas recirculation technology, greatly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other substances, NOx emissions may be less than 20mg / Nm³, our first-tier cities to meet the most stringent air pollution emission standards, compared with conventional coal-fired boilers, gas boilers party soon launch more environmentally friendly, can deliver good quality for the food processing industry steam.