Manufacturers 6t Natural Gas hot water boiler Cambodia

Electric boilers and power consumption advantages and what about the gas boiler: the boiler, it contains content knowledge, there are many, and, associated with difficult problems, but also have a lot, so below, you may wish to adopt a question answer this form, answering questions for everyone, and thus, there is a good learning effect, this also allows us to own, from a new harvest, and to make progress and development. 1.70MW and boiler 100t / h boiler, which is the same as you? This problem, in the boiler manufacturer boiler box appears, is not difficult to answer, so they give specific answers, is: 70MW boiler 100t / h boiler, two boilers, if, from a conceptual point of view, then then, they are the same, because the total for the heat, is the same. However, for the type of boiler, there may not be the same. The former, there may be manufacturers 6t hot water boiler cambodia, while the latter, there may be a steam boiler.

Note the boiler operating at low load range of the boiler load change is normal: coal-fired boilers typically 70% -100% of rated evaporation; oil furnace is 60% -100% of rated evaporation. Below this range is the low-load operation. The main problem is the low-load operation, poor combustion stability, we must prevent the fire and explosion at the furnace, natural circulation boiler must also consider the safety of the water cycle. Thus, when low load operation, the boiler attention to the following aspects: 1, should be as low-load burning high volatile coal. When low volatile coal, during unstable combustion, combustion should be put into the ignition oil gun, in order to prevent possible fire. 2, input at low load the burner should be more uniform, the number of burners should not be too small, which is good for both combustion stability and prevent individual parts of the water circulation is not normal. 3, the speed should be slow changes in the load, and adjust the air volume. Note that maintain a steady wind pressure, which should be the primary air volume is too large. Burner input and deactivation operation should be slow. 4, oil-fired boiler during low load operation, since it is difficult to ensure the combustion quality of oil, should be taken to prevent droplets caused by the re-ignition of unburnt flue tail. 5, low load operation, to minimize the use of desuperheating water (mixing desuperheater), but it should not be heated Save the door shut. 6, low load operation, the exhaust gas temperature is low, the possibility of low temperature corrosion is increased. Therefore, they should put warm or hot air recirculation.

Zhengzhou Sunrise Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. by the Dongxu Group, Henan Province, the state-owned asset management companies and Zhengzhou Investment Holdings Limited jointly made, mainly engaged in flat panel display and solar industry design materials, manufacturing and sales operations. Sunrise Optoelectronics project has been put into a production line, the second phase will continue the expansion, three new production lines to meet the production needs of Project Phase II, Sunrise Optoelectronics urgent need to increase new boiler equipment. After investigation and screening of a number of boiler brands, determined to cooperate with the fast boiler, steam signed a 10-ton integrated condensing gas steam boiler (WNS10-1.25-Y.Q).

Gas boiler water treatment in the application of protective measures II: to prevent the boiler fire blasting has been included in the ministerial twenty counter-measures, including fire protection, including the FSSS has been promoting the use of many power plants, it highlighted a few points : 1. references to the fire blasting. Key anti-ministerial twenty measures of the five. Called boiler fire to prevent shooting accidents. The blast furnace is correct formulation, because electric boilers, oil-fired boiler and gas furnace boiler furnace explosion caused damage not only in the operation of the fire, the flare ignited focused overhaul of combustibles and purge the ignition is not the same explode resulting in damage to the furnace.