High Efficiency boiler 20t Supplier Nepal

In early 2013, fast high efficiency boiler 20t supplier nepal is a food processing company Luohe a 10-ton condensing steam boiler installed integrally cloud service monitoring module, by monitoring the data found in March, the maximum pressure in the boiler set small deviation, the small boiler load adjustment range, and it uses a continuous replenishment way. When such a large load changes, the burner will start and stop frequently, adversely affect the boiler. After the burner system to monitor working properly, timely communication with customers, to help customers put pressure adjusted to the maximum deviation of the normal range. Then return to the display data safe range, the maximum starting frequency is reduced to the burner 4 times / hour from 8 times / hour, reduced by the mean starting frequency of 3.7 times / hr 1 / hr reported in June. At the same time gas consumption decreased by 10% to obtain the customer's trust and recognition.

The sum of the concentrations of Ca2 and Mg2 in water is called the hardness of water. It is clearly stipulated in the regulation of high efficiency boiler 20t supplier nepal supervision that the hardness of boiler water is ≤ 0.03mmol/L.Ca2 and the Mg2 is distributed in water in the form of ions, even if the water is softened, there are still some sulfate ion and bicarbonate ion in the water. Because bicarbonate ions are always dissociated in water, i.e.: HCO3-A→H++CO32-(1). Although the dissociation is very weak in this process, the dissociation is strengthened due to the (2), (3) reaction. Then, in boiler operation, there are always conditions for the formation of insoluble substances: Ca2++CO32--CaCO3(2). Mg2++CO32-→MgCO3+(3)

How to choose a laundry plant steam high efficiency boiler 20t supplier nepal? How to choose a laundry plant steam boiler? Laundry plant has a lot of clothes to be washed every day, so it is necessary laundry equipment, laundry equipment, drying and ironing equipment, folding equipment, but no matter which one, will need to be heated, and Henan party fast steam boiler can reduce costs, economic benefit.

Features Features of the hot water high efficiency boiler 20t supplier nepal hot water boiler characteristics of low-nitrogen boiler water: results are as follows: 1. Henan fast boiler low nitrogen gas hot water boiler compact three-loop structure, the structure of the wet. 2, threaded pipe heating a low nitrogen gas hot water boiler smoke tube, a spoiler, a heat transfer enhancement effect. three. Before and after heating a low nitrogen gas hot water boiler, removable smoke box doors, easy maintenance of the boiler. four. Low nitrogen gas hot water boiler heating body according to need galvanizing, hot water to provide a clean and hygienic. 5. By setting the burner and the circulation pump start and stop temperature, the control system automatically operates in accordance with set conditions. Meanwhile, operation of the system may be displayed, to achieve the return water temperature measurement. Alarm message is displayed in case of failure. 6. In the manual state, the circulating pump and the burner can be run directly, appropriate instructions can be given fault. Reject manual operation, the system is safe. 7. Flue gas outlet condensing heat exchanger can be installed. Reduce exhaust gas temperature, flue gas absorbing sensible heat and the latent heat, to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. A liquid crystal controller or a touch screen control, a high degree of automation, simple operation. With combustion, water temperature control, leak detection alarm, over-pressure, over-temperature, water protection, interlock protection, the timing of antifreeze and other functions. And a graphic display control section Chinese system status, fault diagnosis according to user requirements on exhaust emissions, the respective boilers and burners meet the requirements of low nitrogen emissions! Costs accounted for separately.