madagascar lignite fired boiler

Gas heating madagascar lignite fired boiler furnace pressure is low how to adjust? Gas heating boiler furnace pressure is too low there will be alarm will alert the phenomenon, so the operator can make adjustments for this problem. After So why is there such a phenomenon, this phenomenon, what kind of solutions it causes:? (1) within the chamber negative pressure automatic control system failure. (2) fan, booster fan automatic fault, a sudden increase in the degree of opening (3) a fan, blower tripped phenomenon. Measures: (1) a negative pressure within the furnace should be controlled system failure turn automatic adjustment to manual, manual, note that the details of the process of adjusting to promptly adjust. (2) a fan, blower trip, the corresponding side without tripping the induced draft fan, drawing fan should stop running immediately. In short, causing the furnace may be many reasons for the low pressure, the chamber pressure is too low and easy to make the individual heating surface of steel furnace overheat and cause overheating caused by accident, so will greatly decrease the efficiency of the boiler. Therefore, In these cases, the remedy should be to solve the problem.

Some time ago we learned that the Xinxiang City, Henan Province is located in order to further deepen the pollution gas madagascar lignite fired boiler, reducing nitrogen oxide emissions, improving air quality, we launched a "campaign of Xinxiang City, pollution prevention three-year action plan implementation (2018-2020 Year) "(hereinafter referred to as" an embodiment "), as follows.

First, the implementation of the total coal consumption control

As of 2020, the city's coal consumption control at 13.04 million tons, the proportion of energy consumption control in less than 70%. Coal-fired power plants and strengthen the chemical industry, nonferrous metals, building materials and other key industries of coal consumption control, under the premise of protecting the power system security and stable operation of non-fossil energy generation within the city full consumptive, and actively absorb external calls.

Further promote high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban construction. Gradually expand Ⅲ fuels (coal and its products, including clean coal) combustion zone ban range, central heating and complete cleaning of coal bulk region designated as an alternative class Ⅲ high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban. Increase the combustion zone ban supervision, prohibition of bulk coal sales and hoarding, and severely punish violations of the ban management requirements combustion zone, the region has been completed to prevent bulk coal burning complex.

Second, comprehensive remediation coal-fired boilers

Adhere to the "source of governance, a total ban, focused, step forward" principle, and comprehensively promote the elimination of scattered coal-fired boiler (kiln) coal-fired furnaces and other industrial facilities, the renovation work. Before the end of December 2019, basically out of Xinxiang City, the administrative area of ​​35 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers essential to retain, to achieve ultra-low emissions must be stabilized.

Third, actively develop renewable energy

Regions and the development of renewable energy, constantly optimize energy consumption structure, and gradually improve the urban proportion of clean energy use, and build a clean energy-based energy security system. By 2020, the proportion of non-fossil fuels in total energy consumption in the city of more than 7%.

Fourth, to enhance the level of natural gas utilization

Good job of marketing system storage capacity for natural gas. And strive to 2020, the proportion of total energy consumption of natural gas accounted for 10%. Strengthen joint cooperation with the West-East pipeline in northern branch and other existing, fully-use planning Sinopec Xinjiang coal gas "new Guangdong and Zhejiang," and so on through the pipeline from the city's strengths to enhance the capacity of natural gas reserves, counties 2020 (city), District of forming at least not less than three days of emergency reserve capacity average daily gas consumption to protect the administrative district, city gas companies and large users uninterruptible form of not less than 5% of its annual gas consumption of the emergency gas storage capacity.

Fifth, the effective promotion of clean heating

Continue to promote clean heating pilot city construction work. City and county built-up areas to development of central heating based, improvement and transformation of the heating pipe network, a substantial increase in the rate of central heating, the first to achieve clean heating rate of 100%.

Sixth, vigorously promote the construction of central heating

Industrial central heating full coverage. Accelerate the integration of industrial parks (industrial parks) existing heat points, to promote the heating pipe network construction, the gradual elimination of the industrial park (industrial parks) central heating blind spots. Existing types of industrial parks and industrial clusters should be implemented cogeneration or Central Heating, industrial enterprises into the central heating, decentralized heating phase out the industrial park to ensure the realization of "a zone a heat source."

Although the safety pressure hot water madagascar lignite fired boiler is very high, but this does not mean that fireman can dereliction of duty. Aquaculture farm is located in a town of Rudong County Ju Wang Tan relatively old steam boiler explosion, the accident was caused by improper operation of boiler operator.

How steam madagascar lignite fired boiler heating the water cycle must be carried out and why? For steam boiler in the boiler, surely we are not unfamiliar, however, whether already have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding, from the current level of learning reached point of view, the answer is no. So, this area of ​​study and work, should continue, can not be stopped. So, in response to this request, we will proceed immediately to, and at the same time, increase their amount of knowledge in this area. 1. The steam boiler, which chain-grate firing, which is generally employed in the form? If, heating it to take the case, then how should operate? In steam boilers, the burning of which is a chain-type layer, then in general, is the fixed grate or chain grate two forms. And, to bring its heating, it is depending on the context, and is plumbing or steam warm. Plumbing is, then heat to set soft drinks, warm vapor is then passed directly to the steam radiator can. 2. Steam boiler outlet mouth water phenomenon, what specific reason? Steam boiler water outlet mouth phenomenon, then on the specific reasons, mainly there are two, one in the boiler water level is too high, the second is the boiler steam separator has a problem, is defective, etc., resulting in a steam boiler gas mouth water. 3. Is the gas steam boiler circulating water have? This question, the answer is yes, which means, gas steam boiler, the water cycle is a must, because the only way to make the boiler heat evenly. This kind of boiler is carried out by heating operation A boiler combustion gas. Further, if a waveform furnace structure and threaded pipe, then the strength can be improved boiler heat absorption, but also to meet the need by the expansion of the heat transfer surface, it can be said to serve two purposes. For steam boilers, we believe that the above knowledge content, so that we can make a breakthrough in the study and development of the road boiler products, because they are not in front of, it is necessary to take seriously and carry out, so as to very Good luck to use in practice, which reflects the learning and practical significance.