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To better implement the important speech on the 30th anniversary of the General Assembly Special Economic Zone Xi Jinping, General Secretary Xi Jinping and ecological civilization idea of ​​celebrating to do in Hainan Province, fully implement the "CPC Central Committee and State Council guidance on the full support of Hainan, deepening reform and opening," "CCP central State Council on the overall strengthening of environmental protection and resolutely fight pollution prevention campaign of view "and the spirit of the national Assembly ecological and environmental protection, pollution prevention and resolutely fight tough fight, to promote the construction of national ecological civilization pilot area to ensure the quality of the ecological environment of Hainan can only be more well, not worse, now combined with the actual circumstances of this action.

1, by 2020, the proportion of clean energy installed capacity of more than 60%, to promote low-carbon clean energy priority access. Daly implementation of the "cut cut coal oil" to prohibit new coal, phased out of existing coal-fired units. Before the end of 2020, the province basically eliminated 35 tons of steam / hour and coal-fired boilers.

2, all cities and counties to complete the "high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban" before the end of June 2019 delineation and adjustment. In the combustion zone ban, prohibit the sale, burning polluting fuels. Within the province burning petroleum coke is prohibited. Oil coal quality sampling to establish a regular mechanism.

3, to carry out comprehensive improvement of industrial furnaces, phasing out non-compliance of industrial furnaces, industrial furnace to promote the use of electricity, natural gas and other clean energy or central heating.

4, the full implementation of the construction of urban gas engineering, gas propulsion countryside village "gas on behalf of firewood," to build a gas pipeline network covering urban and rural areas. Demand planning and construction of a number of gas-fired generation projects.

5, to promote the transformation of low nitrogen and ultra-low emissions retrofitting existing gas boiler biomass boilers. Low NOx combustion pollution control measures in new clean energy boiler fueled with natural gas should be used.

Also, is in the production of gas interboilers for sales, also we need to let it have some experience. If you are just starting piano manufacturers in the production of its nature there is no corresponding experience, so let the natural quality of the product will be reduced. Therefore, when the user selects this kind of manufacturers, but also to new and old standard. Old factory because of the sentence of production experience, know under what circumstances will make products more energy efficiency, know under what circumstances, will allow more qualified boiler performance advantages. So this is an important basis for the user to select manufacturers of the time.

High thermal efficiency, long service life, stable output ...... These unique advantages make condensing interboilers for sales in many industries and areas have a very high reputation. Of course, we all know condensing boiler is very easy to use; but also to understand, easy to use is based on the correct operation of condensing boilers, fast Boiler come to you a brief three-point precautions for use.

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