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New R & D building fast-party group, is a technology demonstration, research and development as an integrated office building. On the first floor exhibition hall design is simple and modern technology, integration of human-computer interaction, virtual reality, projection, graphic panels, simulation models and other advanced means of interactive multimedia display a variety of boiler technology, creating a precedent for the domestic boiler industry technology show. 360 holographic ---- wing tube interactive rejection screen technology - condensing technology Slide TV - premix --FGR intelligent human-computer interaction technology modeling techniques - Remote monitoring

7MW WNS series gas-fired 20 ton hot water boiler seller maldives project for Sinopec Beijing Design InstituteA hot water boiler is an important heat supply equipment in the national economy, there are two main functions: supplying bathing water and heating water. Sinopec Beijing Design Institute (BDI) is the first design institute specializing in chemical and petroleum refining engineering since the establishment of PRC; it was restructured and amalgamated with former Sinopec Engineering Incorporation (SEI) and Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Co., LTD. into New Sinopec Engineering Incorporation, affiliated with Sinopec Group. The major job of New Sinopec Engineering Incorporation is oil refining and petrochemical design. Chinese government boosts the "coal to gas" or "coal to electricity" projects to protect atmospheric environment and promote energy transformation. BDI decided to eliminate hot water boilers that cannot meet the emission standards and introduce energy-saving and environment-friendly ones to support the development of environmental protection; they decided to use the natural gas as fuel. ZOZEN stood out from the fierce competition of boiler market and gained the favor and trust of BDI, ZOZEN provided BDI with 4 sets of 7MW gas-fired boilers (WNS7-1.0/115/70-Q). This series of boilers is the typical environmental protection and energy saving product, full automatically running is safe and reliable; the thermal efficiency is over 98%. All figures of the boilers are above the design requirements and have reached the international advanced level.

Hot water boiler burner does not fire the three main reasons Henan fast boiler 20 ton hot water boiler seller maldives will appear in the application process or as a small problem like that, a small writing today to tell you the reason water boiler burner does not fire: 1) water boiler burner nozzle does not contain oil pump will supply duct obstruction's sake, do not start the motor smoke, gas leaks and other pipeline being empty. The case of the oil pump can be pressed to start the motor in accordance with the removable tubing to check Gao, no problem when pumping oil column To spewing out. Hot water boiler is not introduced into the head oil is a reason that there is no access to the oil off solenoid valve. When the power cut solenoid valve is closed, the starter motor is no problem even if the work to do, Gao pressure fuel pump to the supply side is not easy. Only when the control board so cut solenoid valve to supply, gasoline can be eliminated. Its purpose is to avoid the exposure to gasoline with the furnace fire for light generation blasting. Generally, when the ignition, the first burner to carry out the pre-blowing, blowing clean residual gas in the combustion chamber, followed by an oil pump ignition. When the pre-blowing part, pump motor operation, cut solenoid valve disconnected from the supply, an outer fuel pump pressure Gao extracted oil solenoid valve is cut off Bunengdaoda nozzle. 2) No ignition voltage Gao connect the supply when the ignition transformer, causing pressure of about 8kv Gao and Gao pressure across the gap between the power level, cause significant flames, pilot fuel mist. When the flame lit steady, no longer have to fire ignition, flame controller flames circumstances message to the control panel, the ignition transformer termination of work to do. Gao pressure is not generated because of a fire, the ignition transformer is not connected to a power supply (or will be co-line circuit board in a loose fuse); two intermediate stages is two thermoelectric grounded due to poor soot, Gao pressure leakage, not to cause sparks. Intermediate grade electrical sparking spacing of about 3mm, electrical sparking head and the rear end of the intermediate stage spacing of about 5-7mm. Always excellent intermediate stage two electrically grounded. 3) water boiler burners to start the motor after a long low water pressure after damage, start the motor of a large pressure will gradually decrease, resulting in poor pump suction fog, sparking tough, sewage after sparking a lot of smoke, flames unstable, adjust the water pressure to start the motor useless. Head embrittlement, resulting in poor absorption fog effect, rather similar. You already understand the reason burner hot water boiler does not fire up. It dealt with the problem when your furnace?

What works and characteristics of natural gas boilers are? Gas-fired, the main structure of a shell boiler, furnace, turning smoke chamber, and other components of the smoke tube boiler is suitable for light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, gas and other fuels, the boiler reasonable structure, double-layer anti-burn, facilitate flue gas is fully utilized, and also has a small footprint, easy installation, high steam quality and so on. Works natural gas boilers are: water through the inlet into the boiler, heating boiler after heating meet the water quality standards, into the interior through the radiator circulating pump to heating by radiation and convection heat transfer, water flowing through the radiator, back inside the boiler is heated, and then again into the radiator, so the cycle is carried out. And the system of gas-fired, can also provide hot water to meet their basic needs, the boiler water temperature and the indoor temperature, a temperature sensor after the treatment, the temperature signal is transmitted to the microcontroller, through the corresponding drive circuits to adjust corresponding pipe size valve, and further by controlling the temperature of water, heating to achieve the purpose, the user according to the size of the heating range, select the appropriate circulating pumps, to do so is also more economical and convenient.