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Wuhan Yu Dahua Group Co., Ltd. is a cotton based, weaving, knitting and textile car decoration installation in one of the cross-industry, diversified and comprehensive export-oriented enterprise groups. 2017, the Group expanded production scale textile processing, the number of new production lines, the Group's original steam dealer boiler industrial 1t cambodia can not meet the growing demand of orders in urgent need of a new steam boiler purchase. When selecting vendors steam boiler, the boiler output device side fast sustainable high quality steam attracted, decided to cooperate with the fast boiler. Fast art by side to the user site needs analysis, to provide two integrally condensing gas steam boiler (WNS4-1.25-Y.Q).

Longitudinal drum dealer boiler industrial 1t cambodia

The longitudinal drum boiler was the original type of water-tube boiler that operated on the thermo-siphon principle (see Figure Longitudinal drum boiler below).

ZG Boiler continues to develop small and medium size of fluidized bed dealer boiler industrial 1t cambodia to meet requirement of many industries in the region.35 ton/h boiler can be coupled with 6000 KW condensing steam turbine or used for industrial process.

Boiler ventilation and air lead and what is the difference between ash-water dealer boiler industrial 1t cambodia: boiler ventilation and the wind, what is the difference? Steam boiler specification of choice, mainly to see what? What is Ash boiler water? In addition, with regard to the boiler, what difficult problems? These problems are on the boiler this important product website and keywords, so the next future a good answer these questions and to question and answer format. 1. What is the difference boiler ventilation and the wind is? Boiler draft, which means by the fan air to the air heater is heated, and then hot air to the boiler furnace, and the wind, through the induced draft fan and stack, boiler flue gas discharged . Therefore, a discharge is fed to the other, and they are on the type of fan used, is not the same. So, these two are very different, not to confuse them. 2. Select the steam boiler specification, mainly to see what? A boiler steam boiler which, which is selected and determined on the specification, it is to look at the main boiler pressure and temperature using these two parameters, and the boiler type and the two fuel types, since it is composed of four a specific aspect to decide. Moreover, it should be considered, so as to have accurate results, in order to avoid the wrong choice. 3. What is Ash boiler water? Ash boiler water, in terms of the specific case, it refers to the boiler circulating water used in the desulphurization dust, dust or a water film. Further, generally with the addition of water to the drug after the boiler combustion process generate sulfur dioxide and soot these, so to avoid these problems and environmental air pollution.