boiler Dealer 4 ton Energy Saving Vietnam

Condensing gas boiler dealer 4 ton energy saving vietnam advantages of food plants have small module which utility model volume, no backup boiler, save space, improve space utilization. Gas furnace modules each module operate independently when a single unit fails, does not affect the operation of the entire system. It is no backup boiler. It covers an area of ​​small, can be installed in the basement and other small equipment room. Reduce boiler room investment costs and improve the site utilization. High efficiency gas module, operating cost savings of gas. After a transfer, high temperature flue gas in the flue gas temperature is still high after complete combustion. When the second heat transfer zone through, since the return water temperature is low, the high temperature flue gas when it encounters a low temperature the water vapor will condense into water tube wall, releasing large amounts of heat. After absorbing heat in the flue gas temperature, flue gas temperature will be greatly reduced, thereby reducing heat loss, the thermal efficiency of 107.5%. 5000 square meters of heated area for example. For the 200-room hotel, the heating season may not only save heating costs 1,100 yuan, but it will save 800-1200 yuan of hot water. This project only saves gas cost about 20,000 yuan, reflecting the economy and efficiency of the module condensable gas stove to save on gas energy.

Use hot water boiler dealer 4 ton energy saving vietnam range is very wide, can be residential, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls and other places to provide hot water to meet the needs of people bathing, heating and domestic water. Meanwhile, maintenance and repair of hot water boiler has been people's attention, and now the main factor troubled people normally use hot water boiler that situation boiler rusting, corrosion appears that not only will make the life of the boiler there is a certain reduction also makes the safety of the boiler there is a corresponding reduction, so this needs to boiler rusting comprehensive analysis, and put forward countermeasures boiler fundamental Rusty effective solution based on the results of the analysis.

Gas-fired steam boiler dealer 4 ton energy saving vietnam blowdown processing techniques which use any boiler blowdown must be, otherwise it will affect the normal operation, slowing the life of the boiler: the definition of sewage: In order to meet the standards of boiler water, impurities in the water must be controlled within a certain range, this requires removal of salt from the boiler, the boiler water higher alkali content and depositing in the bottom of the water, sludge-like precipitate and loose, this process is known as blowdown. Sewage Purpose: Excluding these sediment discharge, will affect the quality of steam, but also the inner wall of the boiler scale build-up, resulting in poor water circulation normal operation, the impact of the boiler. Thus, the formation of impurities to be discharged into the boiler, to ensure that the salt content in the range of the allowable water boiler, which is the object of the sewage. Sewage mode: continuous blowdown also called surface discharge. This sewage uninterrupted manner i.e. the maximum concentration of the boiler water from the boiler water a boiler discharge surface layer, which role is to make the salt content of the water and alkalinity reduction furnace, otherwise, excessive concentration of boiler water steam quality will be affected . Also referred to as sewage regularly or intermittently bottom blowdown discharge is intended to enable the accumulation of slag in the lower portion of the boiler and the precipitate is excluded. Although the duration of each periodic discharge is not long, but it has a strong ability to discharge pot precipitate. 1, the sewage water level in the boiler to be at low load is slightly high vapor pressure and good low load, the boiler water circulating slowly, resulting in easy accumulation of dirt in the drum, the bottom of the collection tank, and the high vapor pressure: Note sewage high blowdown flow, to facilitate the discharge of dirt. Thus, when the boiler blowdown water level should be maintained in order to operate the sewage at around 60%, it must be set when the sewage someone to operate closely monitor changes in the water level to prevent water shortages. 2, the drain valve should open each short intermittently discharge opening quick-closing speed, disturbances caused by dirt slag, thus repeated several times, the precipitate was suction rely possible to quickly meet at outfall, then concentrated discharge. To control the right time, not too long, usually once a sewage must be in the 30s of the time. If the discharge time is too long, the water content of soil furnace will be gradually reduced, so the effect of variation not only sewage, emissions have increased, not only a waste of energy, but also affect the boiler water circulation, and even burst pipe failure may occur. 3, the observation of a given row Expander sewage after the steam outlet, must touch the outfall temperature, and view given row Expander air outlet, in order to determine whether or not to confirm the drain valve is fully closed. Ruoyin debris stuck in the spool of the leak can be re-opened after a rapid close, if the issues shutting the valve wear and difficult, should strengthen surveillance, arrange repair or replacement as soon as possible, at the same time, should be prepared to shift on the record corresponding record, for subsequent inspection.

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