Commercial 2 ton Factory Price boiler Laos

Common hot water commercial 2 ton factory price boiler laos Accident (d) In addition to the common hot water boiler water, explosion, burst pipe incidents, there are other problems that may breed accidents, such as boiler deformation, improper operation, etc., may cause boiler accidents. (1) Boilers modification. If the hot water boiler operating at high load conditions, will vary with the corresponding deformation level of the furnace body and gas flow pressure expansion occurs. The reason for this situation is mostly ineffective in this one fireman or regulatory pressure gauge failure to form a miscarriage of justice. It is because of these improper handling, evolved into the explosion. (2) improper operation. Boiler cleaning inadequate, improper operation over the water, economizer operation obstruction and other issues that are not standardized, correct operation, can also cause accidents occur when running hot water boiler. In short, no matter what type of boiler accident, and whether these accidents are caused by whatever reason, will be on the normal operation of enterprises resulting in more or less the economy, and even personnel losses, for this situation, enterprises should improve the management mechanism and do security work, strengthen personnel training, possible trouble.

Electric heating commercial 2 ton factory price boiler laoss What are the characteristics of the water? Electrically heated water boiler characteristics: 1, automatic computer control, without hand operation, can automatically operate within the set time, to save energy, to reduce heat loss; 2, imported ceramic heating tube, advanced water separation structure may be made without replace the heating tube drainage of the case. Long life; 3, digital display of temperature, temperature control, automatic control over temperature protection function, the set water temperature may be between 30 ℃ --95 ℃; 4, segmented heating reduce the impact on the power grid; 60KW 5 electrically heated hot water boiler, a circulation pump can automatically detect faults and operating water supply pump, and automatic complementary to automatically switch to ensure safe and reliable boiler; 6, includes a time control function, switch time can be set based on user needs, automated high degree; here the electric heating water boiler, there is a big difference with ordinary water boilers essence, this machine uses a high precision digital technology through interactive displays. Ceramic heating element, rapid heating, easy to damage, security, energy-saving, stability is guaranteed. This boiler is suitable for office buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, factories, restaurants and drinking water supply in public places. Easy to use: easy to install, easy to operate, intelligent automatic control, heating can make an appointment, constant temperature heating, according to the customer with the working hours for work time, heating time is set free with a heating temperature, energy-saving effect play again, can work.

11% commercial 2 ton factory price boiler laos efficiency will increase to 15%, of the total flue gas flue gas heat of the latent heat ratio as shown in FIG. As will further reduce the exhaust gas temperature, the boiler efficiency will be close to or even more than 100%, as shown in FIG. 2. This result we calculate the thermal efficiency of the boiler positive balance equations obtained. η = (enthalpy of saturated steam boiler output feed water × × feedwater enthalpy) / (amount of fuel × fuel calorific value) This equation shows that the thermal efficiency of the boiler is defined as the ratio of the effective heat output from the boiler heat input. But the problem is: condensing heat recovery condensing boiler whether all the recovered heat energy into the boiler, the boiler used in an amount such that the fuel is reduced, thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Currently condensing boiler water system design: a condenser boiler economizer position is generally the position of the flue even if the condenser is bigger sized better performance, nor can the flue gas temperature down to the temperature of the flue gas condensation (if the flue gas temperature was lowered to 60 ℃, the water temperature at the condenser outlet to be less than 45 deg.] C), so that in the design of the condenser into the soft water tank again, to lower the exhaust gas temperature by the large amount of water in the soft water tank; and soft water tank must also be large enough, or soft water temperature will be more than a short time condensing temperature (Figure 3). Another design is to heat the condensed water recovered for other uses. These are fed into the heated soft water tank or for other uses without hot water into the boiler, which is not translated as a thermal heat boiler efficiency calculation effective amount. And the resulting system is other than the thermal efficiency of the boiler should be referred to using the calculated thermal efficiency of the boiler system.

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