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Specific explanation for its fan type 8 ton boiler supplier industrial vietnams member, the sub-cylinder, and a header drum, drum or called, how these should be understood that correctly? And, in the boiler power plant, known as the six fans, specifically refers to what? The two boiler-related issues, as with, then the following work is to explain in detail, so that we have a thorough understanding. 1. boiler, sub-cylinder, and a header drum, drum or called, specifically refer to? Boiler, for sub-cylinder, drum or drum and headers, these are understood as correct: Cylinder points: attachment which is part of the boiler, the boiler is usually easy to install in the room where operation. Its main role, sucked boiler manifold shipped from steam into a few road, sending out work to be adjusted. As for the road is divided into a few, there are a few branch points it depends on the cylinder. Header: which is a pressure receiving element of the boiler is generally connected to the pressure receiving member in the boiler water wall tube, and a convection tubes. In effect, it is a collection or distribution of the circulating water inside the boiler. And, thereon, also an inspection hole. Drum: drum also known, is one of the important boiler pressure parts, in number, it is 1-3. If it is arranged up and down, then there is a down drum of the points. And used to connect them, is the convection boiler tubes. In addition, in its interior, sometimes with a partition. 2. boiler power plant, known as the six fans, specifically refers to what? Power plant boilers, which said six fans, which specifically refers to the blower fan, booster fan, a fan, and a dilution blower fan sealing. In the six fan, the blower, lead and primary air fans three, must have, and the other three, it may be determined whether the specific circumstances. Therefore, in some boilers, only three fans, but in number, each of which has two fans, so called six fan.

75 tph steam 8 ton boiler supplier industrial vietnam for food industryPT Angels Products has been actively engaged in the crystallized sugar refining industry since 2003. Now, PT Angels Products is one of the biggest companies in the field of crystal sugar refinery industrial in the province of Banten. In crystallized sugar refining, decolorization, evaporation, crystallization and drying are important processes, which need to consume a large number of steam. Moreover, food industry has high requirements for sanitation, a lot of steam needs to be used for disinfection and sterilization. Providing high quality and hygienic products is this company's core value. Therefore, they have strict requirements of the steam quantity and quality. After visiting and comparing, PT Angels Products chose ZOZEN DHL series coal-fired steam boilers, which are designed with stable combustion, sufficient output and high-quality steam. But field-assembled boilers have high requirements for on-site installation. Then, ZOZEN cooperated with local agent and succeeded in completing the installation of the boiler, which can meet the company's demand.

For many models now time for people to take into account aspects of the gas 8 ton boiler supplier industrial vietnam to understand, this aspect will choose a different, so now people can analysis out of the mode or different, and warranty aspects of life itself will be different, this is the most different ways now people can be properly seen from the inside of their selectivity, which is a very significant aspect of the good.

In recent years, the country frequent 8 ton boiler supplier industrial vietnam explosion hurts. In order to boiler explosion hazard within the city limits of strangled in the cradle, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province Environmental Protection Bureau began efforts to expand the investigation and remediation action on the bathroom boiler.

To strictly implement the ban on burning district requirements, to further improve the quality of urban environment, improve ecological satisfaction, since mid-February this year, Tongxiang City, four environmental protection will be co-related units Indus streets, to carry out this major investigation large heating boilers campaigns, decided to launch a big investigation on urban use hot water bath, foot bath shops, hotels and other business, the use of high-polluting fuel combustion zone ban on large renovation of heating boilers, continuous efforts to fight the "battle of the sky" .

According to preliminary statistics, the use of hot water units to provide services related to nearly 100 within the city limits, as of now, the investigation related to environmental protection has four units of 65, found that the use of biomass boilers 6 sets, 1 small coal-fired boiler units, diesel 1 small boiler units.

According to the investigation objectives edge side of remediation, environmental protection and the use of four pairs of high-polluting fuel boilers Daihatsu small bathroom has been ordered to stop using it immediately; the use of biomass boilers units of gold Water Cube, has been ordered to make corrections, use clean energy heating or hot water outsourced way.

"After a major renovation a few years ago, the small coal-fired boilers have been basically eliminated banned, but there are still dynamic changes and new heating boilers. Next, we will continue to carry out large investigation heating boilers, within city limits investigation and implementation of full coverage, and we will also carry out rectification 'look back', initially planned to be completed this major investigation big campaigns before the end of April. "Zhu Yaming, director of environmental protection four said Tongxiang three cadres of the Conference" seven action "mobilization meeting sounded the full implementation of" urban quality improvement action "horn, as" beautiful Tongxiang "vanguard construction, environmental protection and ecological environment people will be" two upgrade two down "as the goal, create beautiful ecological upgrade urban quality, Tongxiang boost economic and social development of high quality, is to make people's lives better and make unremitting efforts.