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To proceed from reality, should be in accordance with the electric power, gas should the gas, the coal should be coal, should be hot the thermal principle, promote the use of all kinds of clean energy for winter heating cleaning. In order to reduce air pollution and protect people's warm winter as a foothold to enterprises, government promotion, residents can withstand the principle of gas after the first change to gas will change in gas assurance, the price is acceptable on the basis of sound promote the "coal to gas" and central heating engineering, in district heating supply pipe network can not cover, vigorously implement the replacement of coal-fired power heating project.

Good job of marketing system storage capacity for natural gas. Accelerate the construction of natural gas transmission and distribution network, the new natural gas volume priority for life and severe winter areas of urban air pollution and coal for heating alternative. In principle, to new natural gas cogeneration and gas chemical projects.

Accelerate agricultural and pastoral areas "coal to electricity," the process of upgrading the power grid. Coordinate development of power transmission project construction, etc. are encouraged to promote the regenerative electric heating. Around on the "coal to electricity" project supporting grid should be given support, coordination "of coal to electricity," "coal to gas" land for construction.

In accordance with national requirements, shutting down environmental protection, energy consumption, safety and other 300,000 kilowatts coal-fired units of non-compliance. For shutting down the unit's capacity, coal consumption and emissions targets, allowed to trade or replacement, can co-ordinate arrangements for building the capacity of ultra-low emission coal-fired units.

According to air quality improvement requirements to accelerate the delineation of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban and to expand the scope of, and actively promote the elimination of small coal-fired boilers. The county level and above urban area basically eliminated 10 tons of steam per hour and coal-fired boilers and tea furnace, stove and other operating coal-fired facilities, in principle, to 35 tons of steam per hour, the new coal-fired boilers, in principle, other areas on no new 10 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers. While banned out of coal-fired boilers, pressure boilers market regulators cancellation of registration certificate to use.

Vacuum hot water industry hot water vacuum boiler dealer hot water boiler parameter is a heat exchanger to transfer heat to the hot water through evaporation and condensation heat of boiling heat transfer medium. It consists of a condenser and an evaporator heat exchanger. The evaporator heat exchanger having a combustion chamber and a boiler convection heating surface. The heat released by combustion of the fuel the heated surface of the heat medium water generated saturated steam under corresponding pressure. Condensing vapor rises in the heat exchanger to the cold leg, condensation latent heat of vaporization. The heat is transferred to the hot water supply heat exchanger, and the water heated to a certain temperature, and then sent to the heat user. After cooling, the condensed water is returned to the evaporator vaporizes, thereby continuing to provide heat to the outside. Vacuum hot water boiler is working characteristics using water at different pressures and boiling temperature. At atmospheric pressure (0.1MPa), at 0.06MPa pressure, the boiling temperature of water is 100 deg.] C, the boiling temperature of water is 85 ℃. Phase change heat transfer vacuum hot water boiler operating pressure range of 2.67 kPa to 66.6 kPa. Corresponding saturation temperature is 15 ~ 85 ℃, vacuum at the operating pressure of the boiler, the combustion temperature of the heat medium water saturation temperature to rise, and the steam generated in the water at the same temperature. Then the cold water in the outer tube is heated in the steam tube. Sending user of hot water, the steam condenses into water droplets of the outer tube, and then heating the back surface, completing the cycle. It features two vacuum hot water boiler: The results are as follows: (1) low intermediate medium temperature, exhaust gas temperature is low, greatly improving the thermal efficiency. (2) If the medium is lower than the saturation temperature at atmospheric pressure, even if the medium is broken, it will not cause an explosion soda. Fuel (gas) vacuum boiler parameter table we have a design team specializing in the production of vacuum hot water boiler, advanced testing equipment, international standard factory buildings, decades of industry experience serving more than 10,000 users, Henan fast Boiler Vacuum Hot Water boiler is trustworthy!

What are the characteristics of vacuum industry hot water vacuum boiler dealers?

Vacuum phase change boilers in the industry are usually referred to as vacuum boilers. Professional vacuum boilers form a negative pressure vacuum environment within the enclosed furnace body. There is no danger of expansion and explosion because a vacuum boiler creates a low-pressure environment with little air, and then uses water to boil at a low temperature to produce steam. As a result, it is now commonly used in higher elevations. Let's find out what the features of the vacuum boiler are.

1, the vacuum boiler will not corrode because the internal structure of the vacuum boiler is negative pressure vacuum state, so it is completely isolated from the atmospheric pressure, so the pump pumps configured by the various units of the boiler will continuously discharge the steam from the unit. It does not corrode the internal structure, so vacuum phase change boilers perform fairly well in terms of durability.

2, safety and reliability are different from ordinary atmospheric pressure boilers. Because vacuum boilers pump air out of the inner container to form a vacuum environment, the furnace body does not work under the vacuum body in the course of use and will not be expanded by heat. It is not a pressure vessel, so there is no risk of explosion. At the same time, if the pressure increases due to faults or other perceived factors, the vacuum pressure switch automatically cuts off the power supply, so vacuum boilers are more reliable than other types of boilers in terms of safety.

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