gas fired oil fired fire tube hot water boiler

Electric boilers not only need to be strictly checked when buying, but also need to use the code of practice, so as to avoid the danger to the person. The electric boiler uses a long time will have the aging phenomenon, then how to carry on the maintenance to the electric boiler? The following electric heating zone you understand the maintenance of electric boilers: the general use of electric boilers within 1 to 2 years to carry out a certain maintenance of electric boilers, it is conducive to the normal operation of electric boilers, Regular maintenance is also the basic to ensure the normal operation of the electric boiler. 1, when maintaining the boiler, the power supply must be cut off and pressure relief must be made. 2. Burners should be removed from the boiler body every two months. It really cleans up foreign bodies such as charcoal and dust. The photo-electric tube is polished once a month. The fuel filter should always be cleaned and filtered. Carefully clean the inner filter screen of the oil pump and do not destroy the gasket. Burner must not run without oil, so as not to damage the oil pump. 3, the water level gauge should be kept clean at all times, open the cleaning valve once a day to ensure clear water level. 4, the safety valve is pulled once a day in case of rust failure. After the work, check if the tools, materials, accessories are complete, to prevent remaining in the furnace and other spaces. Special person delisting, acceptance and acceptance of qualified before leaving the work site, the final maintenance records, in order to prepare after Query.

Gas boiler heating surface elements and hydraulic machine hydraulic system temperature Xiao Bian told you about the gas boiler heating surface elements and hydraulic machine hydraulic system was increased 1: heat impact: low heat, low temperature combustion theory. To ensure that the design parameters and capacity of the boiler, fuel consumption and more, the furnace outlet increases eye pattern, a large amount of smoke, and the temperature and pressure so that the heat transfer gas velocity in each of the convection heating surface are increased, resulting in convection heating surface endothermic the amount of increase. Thus, each of the heating surface area of ​​the boiler will be changed accordingly. 2: volatile Impact: coal fuel gas-fired boiler low volatile and is not easy to catch fire and burn, furnace volume heat intensity should get smaller, the larger the volume of the furnace. Flame length, the furnace should be higher. In order to ensure stable ignition of the fuel, the water wall surface of the burner arrangement Refractory laying tape, reduce heat absorption area waterwall combustor to maintain the high temperature, hot air and powder feeding hot air temperature higher, so relatively arranged much air preheater heating surface. In order to ensure the fuel burn, requires a larger excess air ratio, the combustion temperature in the furnace and reduce the amount of flue gas increases, it should be arranged to increase the convection heating surface. 3: Effect of Moisture: Water large, combustion temperature in the furnace is reduced, reducing the radiant heat absorption in the furnace, the flue gas increases the amount of heat absorption increases convection heating surface. Thus, convection heating surface required multi worth area. Meanwhile, moisture, high temperature hot air requirement, while the arrangement requires more air preheater heating surface. 4: Ash Impact: ash content, will aggravate the wear convection heating surface, in the design of the convection heating surface, should be used in low-speed cigarette or other friction reducing measures. Low ash melting point, should be used in a low heat furnace cross-sectional strength, thermal strength burner zone wall and the furnace volume heat intensity, to ensure that the back of the furnace and the convection heating surface not slagging. For low fuel boiler ash melting point, it should be employed in slagging combustion. For ash, it may also be employed multiple flue arrangement. 5: Multi sulfur, ash can cause corrosion and plugging of the low temperature heating surface, also cause high-temperature corrosion. Therefore, the design should pay attention to the selection and arrangement of the parameters of the heating surface, and take appropriate measures. As heating temperature, and contamination of the hydraulic system, but also an integrated form of the fault, the primary measured by measuring the oil temperature and a small amount of hydraulic components. Oil cooling during rotation around the start of operation to thermally. Temperature too high will produce the following faults: 1, temperature rise, the viscosity will decrease oil leakage increases, the overall system efficiency and volumetric efficiency of the pump is significantly reduced. Since the viscosity of the oil is reduced, thin film and other moving parts of the spool are cut and broken, the frictional resistance increases, resulting in increased wear, heat generation system, lead to higher temperature. 2, high oil temperature, mechanical thermal deformation, so that the gap between both the hydraulic components of different coefficients of thermal expansion becomes smaller moving member stuck, causing operation failure, they affect the precision of hydraulic equipment, resulting in variable quality parts processing difference.

Lu Haiqing chairman welcoming remarks, welcome friends from afar, thanks they have been quick to support each other. As well as in-depth analysis of the current status of environmental demand and domestic gas boiler market, called on everyone to work together to accelerate the popularization and technical upgrading of gas boiler.

Steam boiler pressure controller function and debugging methods fired boiler, gas-fired boiler, steam boiler pressure controller and debugging method acting pressure controller is a pressure signal into an electric signal electromechanical conversion device, its function will be the high pressure or low levels of The electrical switching signal to the external circuit for automatic control or chain protection. Common pressure controller and pressure gauge, vapor pressure overpressure alarm can cut off the burner limit is reached; pressure controller adjusts single fire or dual fire burning the actual operating pressure; for large burner, the pressure may be adjusted according to the size of the size of the oil / gas, and always keep the pressure stable operation. Currently electrical contacts have been rarely used. Above the boiler pressure controller typically uses steam boiler pressure controller are used two to three pressure controller. Wherein a start and stop control furnace, for controlling a large and small fire conversion, there is used an overpressure protection. Two start and stop the boiler pressure controller is generally used to control the temperature controller, pressure controller is arranged to control the two-position and fire the boiler overpressure protection. Three safety accessories on the boiler must be in accordance with the procedures set two, which is intended primarily for safety. First, you can work to prevent another when one of them fails. Second, the purpose of comparison, in particular water level gauge and a pressure controller, to ensure safety, the operator to observe only one of which is the value indicated, but also controls the display shown two values ​​match. 3 generally require a pressure controller, operation is as follows: the first is a power adjusting; e.g. a small fire is set 0.5MPa, 0.4MPa furnace start, the adjustable screw -difference pressure controller (hysteresis) is 1, range (set value) is set to 5. The second pressure is shutdown, diffe set to minimum, range adjusted to 6 (0.6MPa). The third overpressure alarm is set at about 0.7Mpa. Note: the pressure differential must first be transferred back controller adjustment process, and then transferred range. Gas steam boiler pressure controller debugging, generally follow the principle: high pressure, is used as the overpressure protection; high pressure, as boiler start-stop control; low pressure, as a large and a small fire conversion. Specific pressure range may be adjusted according to the nominal pressure boilers and the requirements of use.