China oil fired water tube hot water boiler machine

Henan gas treatment condensing boiler operation in the secondary combustion Accident Henan condensing gas boiler, deposited in the rear of the boiler flue gas condensing Henan combustibles (soot, carbon black) re-ignition combustion phenomenon called secondary combustion, also known as Henan condensing gas boiler flue tail and then burned. It will backpass severe, air preheater, induced draft fan and other equipment economizer even destroyed. 1. Henan condensing gas boiler secondary combustion phenomenon (1) a sharp rise in exhaust gas temperature, chimney to take smoke, fire or even smoke. (2) changes drastically furnace pressure, positive pressure occurs. (3) severe flue enclosure dark red. (4) when there is an air preheater, a sharp rise in the temperature of the hot air, pressure instability. (5) blast doors sometimes the tail action. Cause 2.Henan condensing gas boiler secondary combustion (1) poor atomization burner, oil, gas and incomplete combustion into the rear of the boiler. (2) combustion improperly adjusted, with insufficient wind or with the wind unreasonable. (3) Henan condensing gas boiler startup, shutdown during low furnace temperature, the unburned fuel in the furnace. (4) When shutdown or boiler fire, air gun valve is not closed. (5) the combustion chamber negative pressure is too large, too late to make the gas burn it into the rear of the boiler. (6) Long-term non-stop cleaning backpass furnace, accumulating a certain amount of soot or carbon black. (7) through the air preheater flue or leakage. 3. The gas processing condensed Henan secondary combustion boiler (1) should immediately stop the gas, stop the wind, shutdown. (2) closing the flue, and a baffle duct around the door opening, is prohibited to start sending, induced draft fan. (3) immediately extinguishing device into steam, carbon dioxide or other fire extinguishing means, (4) Strengthening Henan condensing gas boiler feed water and turn on the water, open the valve or economizer recirculation tube to protect the economizer is not burning. (5) When the exhaust gas temperature close to the temperature of the injected steam, or less than 150 deg.] C over 1h and stable openable inspection hole inspection, after checking element determines an ignition source, before the fan starts ventilation and cooling. (6) when the temperature drops below the flue 50 ℃, check before entering the flue tail heating surface, and should completely remove the flue soot. If not burning, can be re-started ignition; if burning, should be replaced, repaired burning member.

Hot water boiler burner does not fire the three main reasons Henan fast boiler china fired water tube hot water boiler machine will appear in the application process or as a small problem like that, a small writing today to tell you the reason water boiler burner does not fire: 1) water boiler burner nozzle does not contain oil pump will supply duct obstruction's sake, do not start the motor smoke, gas leaks and other pipeline being empty. The case of the oil pump can be pressed to start the motor in accordance with the removable tubing to check Gao, no problem when pumping oil column To spewing out. Hot water boiler is not introduced into the head oil is a reason that there is no access to the oil off solenoid valve. When the power cut solenoid valve is closed, the starter motor is no problem even if the work to do, Gao pressure fuel pump to the supply side is not easy. Only when the control board so cut solenoid valve to supply, gasoline can be eliminated. Its purpose is to avoid the exposure to gasoline with the furnace fire for light generation blasting. Generally, when the ignition, the first burner to carry out the pre-blowing, blowing clean residual gas in the combustion chamber, followed by an oil pump ignition. When the pre-blowing part, pump motor operation, cut solenoid valve disconnected from the supply, an outer fuel pump pressure Gao extracted oil solenoid valve is cut off Bunengdaoda nozzle. 2) No ignition voltage Gao connect the supply when the ignition transformer, causing pressure of about 8kv Gao and Gao pressure across the gap between the power level, cause significant flames, pilot fuel mist. When the flame lit steady, no longer have to fire ignition, flame controller flames circumstances message to the control panel, the ignition transformer termination of work to do. Gao pressure is not generated because of a fire, the ignition transformer is not connected to a power supply (or will be co-line circuit board in a loose fuse); two intermediate stages is two thermoelectric grounded due to poor soot, Gao pressure leakage, not to cause sparks. Intermediate grade electrical sparking spacing of about 3mm, electrical sparking head and the rear end of the intermediate stage spacing of about 5-7mm. Always excellent intermediate stage two electrically grounded. 3) water boiler burners to start the motor after a long low water pressure after damage, start the motor of a large pressure will gradually decrease, resulting in poor pump suction fog, sparking tough, sewage after sparking a lot of smoke, flames unstable, adjust the water pressure to start the motor useless. Head embrittlement, resulting in poor absorption fog effect, rather similar. You already understand the reason burner hot water boiler does not fire up. It dealt with the problem when your furnace?

Inner Mongolia Erdos special prosecutor with the Office of the State Administration of the market, the special work of investigation and remediation of pipe hidden within the scope of the power station boilers, special inspection and testing by personnel with the Ordos Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Inner Mongolia Academy of pot seized the relevant professional and technical personnel , fully operational.

According to "Boiler Safety Technology Supervision", "Boiler Inspection Rules," "Boiler periodic inspection rules" and other relevant standards, conduct a special inspection of the boiler design, manufacture, installation, use, management, and inspection and other aspects. Check not extended key subject of boiler tubes, means for producing a combination of elements not subject supervisor embodiment, boiler tubes mounted QA aspect, there are security risks flow meter housing and rescue drills and contingency plans.

For risks and problems found in the inspection, and the enterprises need before the prescribed date, timely rectification results submitted to the local special equipment safety supervision and management departments.

Fangkuai boiler manufacturers tell you the importance of leakage protection-leakage protection is automatically cut off the power supply; overheating protection that is, when the boiler water temperature reaches the alarm temperature, automatically stop the burner and send an alarm; The secondary superheat protection means that when the boiler shell temperature exceeds 105 ℃, the operation of the Fangkuai boiler factory automatically cuts off the secondary loop and the boiler stops working. When the water level of the boiler is reached because of other reasons, when the water level is lower than the very low water level, the boiler will stop working and prevent the danger of dry burning. All-in-one insulation using glass cotton, Light weight, good heat preservation effect, less heat loss. White color board packaging, beautiful and generous, sealing good corrosion resistance, mechatronics, small space, easy to use. Gas-fired boilers are widely used in supermarkets, hospitals, schools, guesthouses, residential areas, bath centers, etc., fully automatic heating for users or provide bath water, domestic hot water. CWNS gas-fired china fired water tube hot water boiler machine 1, Fangkuai boiler manufacturer computer-type hot water boiler controller, All the functions are magically stored on an intelligent chip, the boiler is turned on with one button, full automatic timing, fixed temperature operation, the user can set the start, stop the time, set up after the completion, do not need Special person on duty, easy to work, labor-saving. Gas-fired boiler 2, equipped with imported brand burners, high degree of automation, automatic purge according to controller instructions, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion, air, oil (gas) automatic proportional regulation, safe and stable performance, good combustion effect. And there is a extinguishing protection device to ensure the safe operation. 3, the fire pipe is inserted with flame retardant spoiler, slow down the smoke exhaust speed, strengthen heat transfer, smoke temperature from the smoke chamber is low, reduce heat loss, save fuel. 4, large font shows the water temperature, It is convenient to master the operation of the boiler and the system. The water temperature can be set at random from 10 ℃ to 90 ℃, and the boiler is fully automatic heating to the system or for Users provide life, bath with hot water.