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Use electric boiler problems how to do, do not panic as a universal type electric boilers electric heating devices have been familiar with the majority of users, but many users are still skeptical by using, for fear of electric boiler problems arise in the course of , but they can not solve, affecting the normal heating. There is such a concern is understandable, however, electric boiler product development so far, whether it is from the safety of products or product stability, have already passed the test of the market. For the use of electric boilers in question arise, users encounter the most problems is actually not from itself, but from the entire heating system. Because the heating system no matter which part of the problem, the entire heating system could not work properly, electric boilers as heating terminals, often charged with the supervision and inspection role against a system, the system may have ruled out possible problems . And fault information is transmitted to the user via a display screen, to assist a user to troubleshoot. So, when the heating system problems, do not panic, the first message delivered by an electric boiler to determine the problem, then there can be targeted for treatment.

The fuel regulation subsystem of hot water boiler adopts a feed-forward-feedback cascade control system similar to the steam turbine power-frequency electro-hydraulic control system. The main regulator adopts the proportional regulator, which corresponds to the frequency difference amplifier in the steam turbine power-frequency electro-hydraulic regulating system. The proportional band is equivalent to the unequal rate of the steam turbine. The size of the proportional band represents the capacity of the hot water boiler with load, and the larger the proportional band, the greater the load capacity of the hot water boiler. The capacity of hot water boiler with load is stronger; The auxiliary regulator adopts the proportional integral regulator, which corresponds to the power regulator in the power-frequency electro-hydraulic regulation system of steam turbine, and introduces the feedback signal of fuel quantity to the power-frequency electro-hydraulic regulation system of steam turbine. The effect of the first stage pressure signal of steam turbine is to eliminate the spontaneous disturbance of the fuel quantity of hot water boiler quickly. Hot water boilers are mainly used for heating and bathing. The hot water boiler circulates the hot water of the heat preservation tank through the hot water circulation pump and heats the hot water of the water tank again and again so as to achieve the purpose of bathing. The hot water boiler circulates the hot water of the heating pipe through the hot water circulation pump, and meets the requirement of people's heating through the radiator (radiator), and the hot water boiler and the hot water circulation pump cooperate with the heat exchanger can realize the double function of bathing and heating. The inlet speed of hot water boiler before start-up should not be too fast, usually no less than 4 in winter H, 2 to 3 hours in other seasons, especially at the beginning of the inflow. The inlet water temperature of a hot water boiler is generally at 50 ℃ 90 ℃, so that the difference between the feed water temperature entering the drum and the wall temperature of the drum is less than 40 ℃. The inlet water temperature of the gas-fired hot water boiler without complete cooling can be compared with the drum wall temperature, otherwise, the inlet water speed should be slowed down. When the feed water enters the drum, it always contacts the lower half wall of the drum first. If the difference between the feed water temperature and the drum wall temperature is too large, the speed of entering the water is fast, the upper and lower walls of the drum, the inner and outer walls will produce a larger expansion difference, resulting in a greater additional stress to the drum. Causes the steam drum to deform, produces the crack when serious. Because the wall of the drum Thick, slow expansion, and connected to the drum wall thin wall, expansion faster. If the inlet temperature of gas-fired hot water boiler is too high or the inlet speed is too fast, it will cause uneven expansion, crack of welding joint and damage of gas-fired hot water boiler.

In early 2019, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, air pollution control for industrial enterprises, to develop the relevant regulations. Mainly for the protection and improvement of the atmospheric environment, prevention of air pollution and protect public health, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and promote the development of sustainable economic and social development goals.

First, according to the national industrial policy, Hebei Province, strict control of new construction, renovation, expansion of iron and steel, cement, plate glass, synthetic chemical pharmaceuticals, non-ferrous metal smelting, building ceramics, chemicals and other industrial projects.

Iron and steel, cement, plate glass, synthetic chemical pharmaceuticals, non-ferrous metal smelting, building ceramics, chemicals and other key industries cleaner production audits in accordance with law, the use of advanced clean production technologies, processes and equipment.

Urban area, high above emissions in key industries around the ecological red line in the control area, high-pollution projects should be gradual relocation, renovation or restructuring, exit.

Air pollution insurance companies encourage heavy environmental pollution liability insurance.

Second, the city and county (city, district) people's government may take their overall economic efficiency sorting, etc., specific measures for serious overcapacity in the industry, the atmosphere of heavily polluting enterprises, the differential credit, the difference is the price of water, different gas prices, punitive tariffs, etc. .

Third, the industrial concentration area should develop cogeneration and district heating, heat unified solution. In addition to centralized district heating and combined heat and power, waste incineration and biomass power generation project, the city's ban on new or expanded high-polluting fuel for power plants, ban high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban on new construction, expansion-owned high-polluting fuel boiler heat supporting units supply station.

Boiler for industrial production should reach atmospheric pollutant emission standards set by the State and the boiler Hebei and marked fuel requirements and atmospheric pollutant emission control targets.

Fourth, industrial enterprises store coal, cement, lime, sand and other materials easy to produce pollution should take sealed enclosure, cover, cleaning, watering and other measures to prevent dust pollution.

Fifth, iron and steel, petroleum, nonferrous metals, electric power, coke, construction materials, metallurgy, chemical and other industrial enterprises in the production process emissions of dust, nitrogen oxides and sulfides, shall adopt cleaner production processes, supporting the construction dust removal, desulfurization, denitration apparatus, or take other measures to control the emission of air pollutants like transformation.

Hot water boiler energy consumption, what is the reason? There are many users using hot water boilers with the purchase of the boiler again told us to question why our unit energy consumption of hot water boiler so much? And the more years using longer, the more obvious the problem. Combined with such problems, fast boiler small series as you make the answer for your reference. First, hot water boiler energy consumption caused the main reason is that the lack of unified planning boiler before being put into use in the development plan, no comprehensive analysis and identify issues, for hot water heating, and with the new piece of planning lack of understanding of the problem. Therefore, when building the boiler room, there may be a planning area does not match the actual area occupied or poor interfaces connecting pipes, etc., the boiler barely put into use, energy efficiency, achieving the desired effects. Followed by design issues, in the design of heating, considering the use of safety, design heat load calculation results are generally larger than the value of the actual needs, estimates of the hot water boiler capacity is also greater than the actual demand, if not do dynamic adjust the balance, then the heat loss would increase. There are problems of management, currently run on heating management, mainly built housing distribution sector management and self-management units are two, in fact, two management level is not high, housing construction sector management is actually relatively better, taking into account overall operating costs and heating quality, and self-management units are still in high energy consumption, low efficiency of the state, the social problems existing heating or taking into account the social situation, and for energy-saving and new technology research and development is still at a relatively slow, extensive economic management situation, but also over time to be elevated to the refinement of scientific management.