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According to the fifth point notification prevention campaign of embodiments of Henan Province in 2018 air pollution, guide and encourage the elimination of medium-sized coal-fired boilers details are as follows:

Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province Tangyuan county government to further implement the "Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government of Heilongjiang Province on the issuance of three-year action plan to win the notice of blue sky Wars," the actual situation, carry out a comprehensive rectification for small coal-fired boilers, as follows .

First, the objectives

By the end of 2019 out of the region to build 26 units per hour and 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and furnaces tea, operating a stove, food equipment and other coal-fired kiln drying facilities. Out of which 14 coal-fired heating boilers Small units, service three coal-fired boilers, industrial production of small coal-fired boilers nine. By the end of 2020, the region will build small coal-fired boilers cleared number, and completed more than 10 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired small boilers governance standards.

Second, the specific content of execution

1, source control. County-level cities built in the region 35 tons of steam per hour ban on new coal-fired boilers, the rest of 10 tons of steam per hour ban on new coal-fired boilers and below.

2, find out the base. Focus on carefully checking the area of ​​coal-fired boilers case, before the end of May, the completion of the area and the development of coal-fired boilers ledger built-up area, and clearly out of all kinds of coal-fired boilers responsible departments and completion time.

3, held a mobilization meeting. 10 tons of steam per hour, organization and small coal-fired boiler unit, responsible departments held a meeting to clear out of time limits, and invite gas companies, boiler manufacturers, heating companies and small boiler unit for docking, to help provide alternative solutions Program.

4, announced the phase-out plan. Through government websites, issued to small coal-fired boiler unit a variety of ways such as notification, publish small coal-fired boilers out of the list, time frame for completion and telephone hotlines.

5, to carry out law enforcement inspection. Organization of joint law enforcement inspection, supervision of small coal-fired boiler unit to carry out the planned phase-out time frame. Carried out errant time, press the "Heilongjiang Province Air Pollution Prevention Act," the imposition of penalties.

Maybe people will think condensing gas boiler maintenance will be very complicated, it is not. Fast square each boiler at the factory, we will configure the product maintenance manuals, to make a series of operational requirements for the maintenance time and method.

A, a, horizontal boiler heat transfer characteristics: the level of the exhaust gas stream flows, hot gas flows, in the same section on the exhaust gas temperature is low heights, the actual distribution of temperature field very different design, good heat transfer, the use of heating surface Ineffective. When the change in exhaust gas conditions, an amount of steam production boiler serious decline significantly elevated exhaust gas temperature corresponding to the boiler outlet. Under normal or exhaust gas conditions, the yield of steam production not be achieved. 2, the exhaust gas resistance: To solve the above problems, and only increase the flow rate of the exhaust gas (generally 11 ~ 13m / s), to improve the results of the flow rate of the exhaust gas is to increase the resistance of the exhaust gas boiler (boiler design typically 800 ~ 1000Pa, the actual operation to be achieved in general 1000 ~ 1100Pa), i.e. increased resistance kiln system. 3, leakage: boiler hopper generally lower through hopper length, combined with the furnace wall surface is too long, while too much or too long ash discharge point, so that, especially in the design of the sealing difficulties during installation and operation of the boiler as extension of the furnace and increase the number of start and stop time, since the furnace wall, the hopper, the hopper in conjunction with the furnace wall surface, and gray ash discharge hopper binding surface deformation, leakage will vary with the boiler uptime boiler increases. 4, soda cycle: First, due to increased forced circulation pump, so that power consumption increases boiler body; Second, since the forced circulation pump is operated at a relatively high pressure high temperature, more forced circulation pump wearing parts, maintenance is more difficult; Third If forced circulation pump can not be timely maintenance, will have an impact on the safety of the boiler. 5, steel consumption: under conditions equivalent vertical boiler exhaust gas flow rate, due to the poor heat transfer, steel consumption and exhaust steam at the same conditions is greater than the vertical boiler parameters. After the increase of exhaust gas flow, which is less than the vertical boiler steel consumption. 6, cleaning: boiler heating surfaces is a single vertically disposed pipe, the dust attached to the wall surface of the heat pipe and the falling direction crossing does not occur, so that the surface to ensure easy cleaning effect, but in fact: because of the high flow rate of the exhaust gas boiler, boiler clear down the front portion of the exhaust gas into the rear of the ash easily, boiler structure is unreasonable, the rear easily plugging ash. When using continuous cleaning method, we can solve this problem. 7, area: large area, for the production of cement has often not easy to arrange a boiler or boiler exhaust conduit Importers long kiln system resistance is further increased.