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6 tons of hot water boiler energy saving best selling 1 ton vietnam heating area can meet much

According to the calculation before the party fast professional and technical engineers: one ton of hot water boiler to provide 10,000 square meters of heating area. In other words, six tons of hot water boiler to meet the 60,000 square meters of heating area. This is a very high figure in the boiler industry, the majority of boiler manufacturers produce hot water boiler can not meet this standard.

April 8, 2019 China International Corrugated exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center, such as about the opening. Fast boiler energy saving best selling 1 ton vietnam as China's "most influential brand of industrial boilers," was invited to participate in the exhibition.

The procedures and techniques fuel gas steam boiler energy saving best selling 1 ton vietnam today gave us something about knowledge steam boiler installation of fuel gas bar. Fuel gas steam boiler installation there are many details that need attention, summed up the matter of installing the top ten fuel gas steam boiler Note: To ensure safety, customers must choose a fuel gas steam boiler installation qualification professional installation company to install. Fuel gas steam boilers should not be installed in a bedroom or bedroom with direct access from the room, not installed in the air is not smooth basement. Fuel gas steam boiler power supply using 220V / HZ alternating current, reliable ground wire must be connected to ensure safe use. Gas pipeline with the gas burner with gas for the pipe must be the link, the link can not be used flax, with raw materials must be used. After installing the gas pipeline, the gas valve is opened, a connection portion soap check for leaks, if any leakage off the seal valve repair or replacement, and then check the gas boiler, until no leakage so far. Gas steam boiler installation must be flat or rational design, as short as possible, less coarse, i.e. to shorten the pipe, reducing the curve, diameter to be rough. In addition the return path should be in charge of the gas boiler outlet back to the same diameter. Natural circulation Sheung gradient slope and the return pipe main conduit are 3-5%, waves appeared not to prevent blocking gas pipes, exhaust system piping system should be placed at the top, and the valve can not be installed. Minimum system blowdown valve installed at the bottom of the tank fill pipe should be above the highest point of water, the atmosphere port through the automatic vent valve can not be replaced, the valve can not be mounted, must not be obstructed. Gas-fired steam boiler system piping length, bend over, no gradient, Heating ineffective should be installed circulating pump, water pump to be installed on water pipes, select pumps according to the size of the heating area.

When the boiler energy saving best selling 1 ton vietnam shutdown immediately following occurs please: When the device after prolonged use, it may be because of time or frequency of use, resulting in some failures in boiler use, some faults may not be very critical, but some when a failure occurs, in order to prevent unnecessary accidents, we need an immediate shutdown. Then, the following will introduce you to look at the situation requires an immediate shutdown of the boiler: 1, all of the water table or valve failure. 2, to pump all the water system failure or malfunction, not water to the pot. 3, the boiler water level is lower than a lower edge of the visible water table. 4, boiler water level exceeds the visible level (full of water), turn on the water can not be seen by the water level. 5, the boiler element damaged, thereby endangering the safety of operating personnel. 6, increasing water supply and other measures, but the water level continues to drop. 7 other abnormal situations endanger the safe operation of the boiler. Emergency shutdown procedures. 8, combustion equipment damage, furnace or boiler structure collapsed wall is red-hot, a serious threat to the safe operation of the boiler. When the boiler the following cases, be sure to shutdown immediately, in addition, we want to prevent the emergence of these boiler failure. So, in their daily work its proper inspection, maintenance, cleaning, is very important. Three Notes cc boiler installation: small series