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The company set up production bases in Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang, Jilin Changbai Mountain, Danjiangkou, Hubei, Guangdong Evergreen Lake, Baoji Taibai Mountain, Xinjiang Tianshan Manas, Emei Mountain in Sichuan and Guizhou Wuling Mountain Eight high-quality natural source of drinking water, all the water sources in the production process complete, with practical action to practice the "we do not produce water, we just nature's porter," the corporate mission. 2017, party fast one condensing for sale steam boiler commercial 1t vietnam Nongfu Spring Co., Ltd. won the bid for procurement, stationed in the factory, the production of drinking water to help hand. The winning bid farmer spring production base, covers an area of ​​about 60,000 square meters, with an annual output of 140 million bottles of fruit juice drinks and 180 million bottles of drinking natural water production line.

When the boiler, how to choose experienced the transformation of the company: Many factories use boilers after a long period of time, or because of environmental non-compliance, or due to expanding production requirements need to be boiler, so as to prolong its lifespan, and improve work efficiency , save more energy, and therefore the market also will be a lot of transformation of the company to meet this need, the face of numerous correctional institutions boiler, we should be able to find how to choose a company specializing in the transformation of the boiler it? 1, find the transformation experienced the transformation of the boiler is a dangerous operation and great difficulty working, experienced professional and technical engineers personally developed boiler rehabilitation programs, and in strict accordance with the steps, step by step, in order to better avoid accidents, greater probability of successful transformation. 2, to find fair and reasonable price of the boiler there are many companies on the market, specifications are uneven levels, then there is also a big difference at the price. Many people, when looking for the transformation of the company, will take into account the transformation of the price, you can let a company to valuation, then pay more contrast, looking for a cost-effective transformation of the company's high, generally trustworthy boiler company on price will be the price tag, for your choice. 3, looking for formal professional boiler there are many companies, and scale, formal, professional renovation company does not have much. Boiler is a highly technical operational work, a large scale, qualified and experienced the transformation of the company, in the transformation, can avoid many failures due to technical immaturity caused.

Two reasons: the simple structure of the system gas-fired boiler

Boiler gas boiler control system combined organic condensate recovery unit as a whole, the user simply transported to the building site after water, electricity, fuel conduit can be used, without reserving a large area of ​​fuel storage sites, fuel is directly transport by pipeline, to transport the boiler. Less capital cost of the boiler room, naturally save money.

The chamber negative pressure is too large, leakage will increase the furnace and the flue, the flue gas amount is increased smoke quicker heating surface. Thus increasing wear and wind electrical energy consumption for heating surface. Boiler efficiency is lowered, especially when operating at low load or the boiler combustion instability, probably because too much fire the boiler furnace pressure. If the furnace pressure and temperature gas and flame is too small or partial pressure within the furnace operation to take direct outside, not only affect plant health, endanger personal safety, but also may cause coking furnace, burner, steel, etc. due to overheating of the furnace walls the deformation burned, therefore, the furnace must maintain a certain negative pressure operation