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Vacuum hot water induction fired tube vacuum boiler dealer how much you know? "A" 1. What is a vacuum hot water boiler? A: The so-called vacuum hot water boiler, also known as phase-change vacuum hot water boiler. Refers to normal operation when the internal pressure below atmospheric pressure boiler medium, by heating the cold phase change heat boiler embodiment. (Internal vacuum-tight vacuum hot water boiler body, the heat medium water pressurized combustion, the generated steam heat exchanger for soft drinks, high thermal efficiency, the heat medium water at the factory in disposable infusion process, without replenishment operation. Vacuum hot water boiler unique design, form a safe, stable, etc.) 2. composition principle structure of the vacuum hot water boiler? A: vacuum hot water boiler furnace divided into two parts; the upper half portion of a vacuum chamber (vacuum vapor chamber), which is provided with a tubular interior space of the vapor - water heat exchanger for heating flowing through the heat exchanger Recycled water. The operating principle: vacuum hot water boiler is running, the negative pressure in the vacuum furnace body heat medium water absorbs heat energy released by burning fuel, Boiling water circulating system encounters a stainless steel heat exchanger of the low temperature steam, low temperature steam rises, heating recycled water to users for heating or hot water. Itself is cooled steam condenses into water droplets fall to the surface again after the heating medium is heated, thereby completing the entire cycle. Heating medium water constantly in the body with a closed circulation heating evaporation == == == heat medium condensed water, condensed water without added thus, no danger of burning air. Vacuum hot water boiler using soda condensation heat, all heat exchangers operating condition, soda condensation heat transfer coefficient is the highest. 3. What is a vacuum? A: The vacuum does not mean absolute pressure is zero, as long as the external pressure is lower than, for example, can be called a vacuum: a vacuum when the pot boiler shell is commissioning a vacuum state, and maintain -375pxHg - between 76mmHg.. 4. What is the degree of vacuum? A: refers to the degree of vacuum in the gas lean degree of vacuum in the book, usually with a low degree of vacuum and high vacuum to FIG. High degree of vacuum represents a good degree of vacuum means, a low vacuum degree difference represents the degree of vacuum means. Vacuum degree is lower than the actual value of the pressure of the system shows the atmospheric pressure value, i.e., the degree of vacuum = atmospheric pressure - absolute pressure. Vacuum of international standard units: Pa (Pa). Why The vacuum heating medium water heated hot water boiler in a vacuum state? A: water at different pressures, different boiling temperature which, at one atmosphere pressure (0.1Mpa), the boiling temperature of water is 100 deg.] C, and under a pressure 0.8Kpa the boiling temperature of the water was 4 ℃. Vacuum hot water boiler is operating within a pressure range of vacuum degree of 2.67Kpa ~ 66.6Kpa corresponding saturation temperature is 15 ℃ ~ 85 ℃. Thus, in a vacuum state, the heat medium is easily Boiling water. 6. origin vacuum hot water boiler? A: The basic principles of vacuum hot water boiler was born in 1972, Zurich University. In 1975 the Japanese company TAKUMA Based on this principle has developed a vacuum hot water boiler and patented invention, then gradually popularized throughout the world, this technology has been developed and the development of Korean companies have emerged TAKUMA Korea, China in the late 1980s Some manufacturers have developed vacuum hot water boiler, but due to technical problems, mainly due to gas generated immiscible declining degree of vacuum problems can not be solved electrochemical reaction occurs boiler water and vacuum seal of iron, has not been promoted . 1990s South Korea's manufacturing enterprises to enter the Chinese market relatively late in 2003 about the domestic boiler manufacturers began producing vacuum boilers.

Hot water induction fired tube vacuum boiler dealer works: 1. What is the vacuum 2Henan fast boiler vacuum hot water boiler is what?.? 3. What heat medium water vacuum hot water boiler is? 4. What are the advantages of vacuum hot water boiler is? Fives. Vacuum hot water boiler with special requirements for the installation site do? 6. Are quality and technology supervision authorities need to make sure to install vacuum boiler? I have to check in it? Seven. Whether vacuum hot water boiler inspection required? 8. Vacuum boiler require special operator? I need a boiler worker license? 9. How long is the life of the vacuum hot water boiler? 10. What kind of vacuum hot water boiler fuel use?

The difference between the vacuum hot water induction fired tube vacuum boiler dealers and pressure hot water boiler: heating now many cells are unified fired boiler hot water supply, hot water boiler performance and therefore plays an increasingly important consumer of heating effect. The most common boiler market is divided into two vacuum hot water boilers and pressure hot water boiler, the performance between the two have great differences, but many consumers are not these two hot water boilers depth understanding It may have some bias in the understanding.

Since our company uses WNS6-1.25-YQ split two condensing induction fired tube vacuum boiler dealer, the boiler runs very stable, high degree of automation, greatly reducing the labor intensity of fireman our staff, because running very clean without any emissions, but also greatly improved our paper mill house and the surrounding environment, high operating efficiency boilers. Service is also very timely response to our technical consulting reply quickly and accurately. Especially for regular visits to thank! --customer feedback