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A general increase in the standard of environmental governance, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province closely follow the direction of development policy, will gradually phase out coal-fired boiler 8t best selling myanmars or adapted for the gas boiler. According to statistics, Huzhou City Nanxun five years has eliminated nearly 3,000 small coal-fired boiler, saving 720,000 tons of coal resources.

Remediation process, district departments form a joint working group, while the seizure of small boilers, while helping business transformation. Behind the small boiler one Taiwan "puff", representing a small wood processing, printing and dyeing, textile and a number of high pollution and high energy consumption enterprises. They only destroyed the visual landscape, but also pollutes the lies to be the region's transformation and upgrading process must break the "pots and pans."

Huzhou referred morning Decoration Co., the person in charge mentioned: "In the past coal-fired boiler pollution does not say, but heating is not stable, press only a day after more than 300 wood boiler replacement, productivity improved significantly, now at least a day. can be pressed more than 500. "this shows once production efficiency improvement, enterprise back to the speed can be increased to a year.

After the disappearance of small boilers, or to benefit a lot of people around. "Our village is known for the production and processing of small wood gathering, the family opened the window every morning before'll see a row of chimneys in the distance 'spit black smoke'. Now grinding temperature, steam generator replaced the original coal boiler, surrounding environment has improved significantly. "FEATURE before the flood who lives in the village of Lao Shi sincerely laments.

Improvement in the area of ​​active removal of small boilers companies subsidies, also made detailed provisions on subsidy amount of different types of boilers. Meanwhile, the district has built South Lake thermoelectric, thermoelectric GCL, Guodian three cogeneration projects, the laying of 200 km of heating pipe network, and the end of last year to achieve full coverage of central heating.

100 Bath head require much boiler 8t best selling myanmar

For many users want to run the bath, according to the number of nozzles and the estimated number of how much water boiler is a very difficult thing. Here, we head to 100, with an average temperature of 40-60 ℃ bath, for example, to answer your questions how much of boiler equipment.

The use of gas-fired boiler 8t best selling myanmar, select the "air" is the key! Say good gas boiler, intelligent and efficient and environmentally friendly. Gas is actually a general word, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, etc., are collectively referred to as gas.

About steam boiler 8t best selling myanmar superheater tubes 1 Blasting failure, bursting phenomenon superheater tubes a. Steam discharge sound or explosions near the superheater. B. abnormally decreased steam flow, and the flow is not less than the water flow normally. C. furnace pressure is reduced or made positive, the door severe, see the fire and smoke outwardly steam discharge hole. D. flue gas temperature after superheaters abnormally decreased or increased temperature difference before and after the flue gas superheater. Serious E. Damaged, the boiler steam pressure drop. F. exhaust gas temperature decreased significantly, the chimney flue gas into a gray or white color. g. draft fan load is increased, the current increased. 2, the superheater tubes blasting process a. Superheater tubes minor rupture, may be appropriate to reduce the load, maintain operation in a short time, this time should be closely monitored for leakage, at the same time, rapid start standby boiler. If the monitoring process fault conditions worsen, it should be shutdown as soon as possible. b. When severe rupture superheater tubes must emergency shutdown.