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Our emphasis on increasing green, local governments also boiler operation produces nitrogen oxides and smoke emission requirements become more stringent. Fast boiler followed by the national trend of development, deepening of cleaning boiler product design and development. Lulu as a representative of business development of the national beverage, and hope to find a set of boiler energy conservation and clean in one, for drink production process of fermentation, sterilization, drying, curing and other processes. After many visits and market research, in October 2017 and entered into boiler fast boiler purchase contracts, purchase two 10 tons of steam and a whole 20 tons of steam condensing steam boiler. The two sides this cooperation is the other quality fast condensing gas boiler highly recognized, has proved a powerful strength fast boiler in the boiler production and service of gas condensate from the side.

Oil-fired boilers generally burn diesel oil, as well as boiler professional fuel oil, black oil and so on. But fuel oil is now being turned to fuel because of rising diesel prices and supply problems. (1) crude oil: crude oil that is extracted from the ground and dewatered and not refined. Crude oil can be refined to produce a variety of oil and other products, directly as fuel is extremely unfair. (2) heavy oil: it is composed of cracked heavy oil, vacuum heavy oil, normal pressure heavy oil or wax oil according to different proportions, with certain grades and quality standards. (3) residual oil: the residue in the petroleum refining process, which can be supplied directly to the boiler as fuel without treatment, and is habitually supplied to the boiler as fuel. Called residual oil or residual oil. Heavy oil and residue oil are the main kinds of liquid fuel for power generation. The common characteristics are: higher relative density and viscosity, higher boiling point and flash point, and less volatilization. (4) Diesel fuel: diesel fuel is the fuel of diesel engine, and it is extremely uneconomical as boiler fuel. Diesel oil is generally used as ignition oil for pulverized coal boilers and for stable combustion at low load.

Vacuum hot water boiler fuel gas vaporized to produce vaporized overtemperature problems reasons vacuum hot water boiler fuel gas, there are two major surfaces, one is vaporized over temperature, there is a is a partial vaporization, the causes leading to also have different, corresponding solutions are different. If the fuel gas vacuum hot water boiler heating system and hot water circulation loop gravity, it must be open gravity circulation valve. Because once the system failure caused by constant pressure boiler pressure device or system to reduce leakage, the position will not be caused by pressure vaporization system. After this case should an emergency shutdown immediately, and quickly identify the reasons, causing the system pressure to be reduced to exclude faults, the need to make the system running for some time in the cold state, until constant pressure returned to normal in order to determine the role of put into operation again. The local boiler vaporization problems are likely because of poor internal fuel gas vacuum hot water boiler water circulation conditions, the presence of water stagnation zone, tube angle is too small, the water velocity is too low and so on; there may be a forced circulation boiler (back the introduction of improper water distribution pipe layout, flow maldistribution caused when the fuel gas vacuum hot water boiler occur more serious pot of water vapor, combustion equipment should be stopped, but the circulating pump should continue to run at the same time open the occurrence of vaporization backwater valve circuit, to increase the flow of water. when the water hammer tube disappears before gradually returning operation of the combustion equipment.

What are the advantages of using vacuum boiler? Vacuum boiler is primarily a device for modern intelligent residential heating, are usually provided with heating and sanitary hot water heating in places such as commercial establishments and residential areas, the traditional use of heating equipment compared with high security performance so there is no danger of explosion, cracking and expansion so easy to hurt people's appearance. So, good quality vacuum boiler which has the advantages of using it? First, the vacuum boiler mainly take the form of a vacuum suction operation, whereby in use, excellent safety and case rupture boiler explosion does not occur, while the force of the vacuum boiler steel high pressure zone and high temperature zone to achieve successful separation, using when the boiler due to the action of the vacuum can be prevented damage to the equipment where high temperature and pressure occur and can extend the life of the device functions. Second, the overall configuration of the vacuum boiler design more scientific and rational, having a smaller overall footprint advantage whereby in use can greatly save area, and to implement vacuum boiler pan vivo heat exchange can effectively shorten the warm-up period, and reduce energy waste. Third, the vacuum boiler to take automatic intelligent control mode, can be realized when using unattended or remote intelligent network control can be used to manipulate the device, and the inside of the vacuum stainless steel boiler provided with a heat exchanger, so that no rust phenomenon and not pollute the water. Fourth, the vacuum boiler cf mainly take the form of indirect heating boiler, external heat exchanger and circulating water pump in the overall installation cost can save a large part, and the vacuum boiler also has a fast heating, heat transfer efficiency and good thereby saving features high fuel costs. Above is the advantage of using a good quality vacuum boiler has, for the cold winter season in terms of the need to provide heating or region, the choice of the best vacuum boiler used in a variety of different places use homes, schools and shopping malls, etc., not only to facilitate people to use heating and also has a strong safety.