boiler 1t Industrial Hot Selling Myanmar

Note that the components steam boiler 1t industrial hot selling myanmars operating matters when required to do the normal operation of the steam boiler: the normal water level in the boiler, steam pressure stability, keep clean the boiler, do shift work. Compliance with post responsibility system, strengthen the monitoring of various mechanical equipment and instrumentation. Ensure safe and reliable, to prevent accidents fireman should summarize the experience on a regular basis, and constantly improve the operational level. 1, water requirements: Gas-fired steam boiler feed water needs to be treated, the water supply should be in line with GB1576-85 "low-pressure boiler water quality standards." 2, the pot water level: always pay attention to the pot water level changes, so as to maintain the normal water level in the range of ± 30 mm, shall not exceed the highest or lowest level of the water in the water table generally slightly shaking phenomenon, such as the water still not moving, there may be blockage of the water table should be washed immediately. 3, water table: class table at least once flush water, the water level to maintain regular table glass clean, clear water to ensure accurate and reliable, such as found in glass washer water leakage when tightening the packing. The glass blurred, or can not see clear water line, although still did not effectively flush and should be replaced. Each boiler is equipped with two water table, if one of the discovery of the damage should be repaired in time, such as two simultaneous damage, immediately temporary shutdown until a water table back to normal in order to continue operation. 4, steam boiler water supply equipment: (1) All feed pumps are normal, testing should be driving at the time of shift change, if the fault repaired immediately. (2) boiler feed pumps to take water as continuous as possible, control the pump outlet valve steady. The economizer outlet water temperature should be below the maximum saturation temperature at the operating pressure 40 ℃, exceeds a predetermined temperature, with the recirculation tank to adjust the temperature of the pipe, to ensure that no damage to the economizer, and found economizer of the enclosure between litter does not seal and leakage (available candle fire near the test) embedded application asbestos rope tight. 5, steam boiler steam pressure: always pay attention to changes in pressure, as far as possible to maintain a stable pressure pot, the air pressure must not allow more than the maximum allowable working pressure. 6, pressure gauge: Syphons class should be washed once normal viewing gauge, pressure gauge found damaged, repaired or replaced immediately shutdown. To ensure the gauge, should be checked every year, such as the readings are less than ± 2.5% should be repaired or replaced. 7, the safety valve Note: a safety valve is normal, in order to prevent the valve disc and seat valve sticking regularly lifting handle is pulled, as the exhaust gas test, every 2-4 weeks should Court once elevated pressure, Experimental verification to act as an exhaust safety valve. 8, steam boiler blowdown valve: sewage regularly (once per shift).

How module boiler 1t industrial hot selling myanmar blowdown 1) opening the valve inside the sewage; (2) open the valve slowly outward discharge of sewage to be warmed and sewage pipes; (3) on and off several times from the outer sewage valve, slowly red wash liquid in the boiler fouling, so that the liquid discharge best dirt; (4) turn off the valve inside the sewage, between these two discharge of sewage water in the valve drained; (5) turn off the valve outside the sewage, the sewage termination.

Comrade He Jinping other fast group deepen in the production of special equipment, "two of integration" of the premise, adhere to the "quality first" to develop stringent quality control standards appreciated. In the accompanying leader of the companies have received the "Mayor Quality Award" honors, while the market share rising, Vice Governor He could not help nodding, and the president of AC current market conditions boiler 1t industrial hot selling myanmar. He Jinping former comrades came to the company remote monitoring platform for all kinds of dynamic data displayed on the screen of a preliminary understanding of, and consulted with the current operating mode remote monitoring of boiler and means of achieving in energy conservation, safety production. Downstream of the enterprise carried out "intensive" in the boiler market, focusing special equipment product lifecycle management practices fully affirmed.

Combining these five aspects of the cost of inputs, it can be summed up 1 ton operating cost per hour of gas boiler 1t industrial hot selling myanmars: 262.5 yuan / hour + 3.3 yuan / hour +2.535 yuan / hour +8.33 yuan / hour +0.68 yuan / hour = 277.345 yuan / hour .