boiler 4t For Sale Energy Saving Georgia

4, air consumption of the boiler 4t for sale energy saving georgia = 600,000 Kcal ÷ 8600Kcal / m³ ÷ 95% = 73.44m³;

The market price of natural gas is calculated in accordance with 2.2 yuan / m³, then 1 ton gas steam boiler one hour operating cost = 73.44m³ × 2.2 yuan /m³=161.6 yuan / h.

Fast Boiler Co., Ltd. is a really truly think about your clients practical solutions to business problems, this recommendation after this water-tube boiler 4t for sale energy saving georgias put into use, the quality inspection departments, the nitrogen oxide emissions, soot and other indicators They are in line with national standards, but also very full of fuel combustion, high thermal efficiency, saves us a lot of fuel costs. This cooperation, I am very satisfied. --customer feedback

This formula is calculated according to the running costs of the case of complete combustion of the fuel gas boiler 4t for sale energy saving georgia, practical applications to higher gas consumption, gas consumption in the calculation of the gas boiler should take full account of the calorific value of natural gas, boiler efficiency, so calculated the value to be able to meet the actual situation.

Winter arrived, heating boiler 4t for sale energy saving georgias are you ready? Winter arrived, heating boilers are you ready? Winter quietly approaching, many northern areas has entered a state of hibernation, the temperature has reached 0 degrees, every time this time there are a lot of people began to take certain measures for heating, 12 cities in general central heating are some more, but some rural areas, or bungalow home are generally open to air conditioning to heating, it will not only heating effect in general, but also spend a lot of power. Heating boiler to the presence of a large proportion of rural households and factories with a warm, fast heating boiler side has four advantages: (1) never explosion hazard, do not be close monitoring test. (2) relief without regard to the issue of the boiler room. (3) simplify the process and save steel, coal-fired boilers and then scrapped. (4) protect the power failure, saving the user investment. This fast boiler with four major characteristics of the gas heating boiler to play a greater advantage. Welcome to the new and old customers call us to order the boiler.