Industrial boiler Best Selling 20t Kuwait

waste heat recovery industrial boiler best selling 20t kuwait in paper industry

Advantage of waste heat recovery boiler:

July 26, 2016, Beijing, China Everbright Paper Co., Ltd. and the company signed a "split 6 tons of steam condensing gas steam industrial boiler best selling 20t kuwait contract" by the company responsible for the WNS6-1.25-YQ split condensing gas boiler steam to all production, installation and commissioning work. The product is the use of condensing technology, effective emission of harmful substances SOx, NOx, COx, is industrial boilers efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

Then, gas consumption gas industrial boiler best selling 20t kuwait or oil-fired boiler of how to calculate it?

1, it is determined boiler output: output one ton boiler 600,000 kcal, and so, the gas boiler 4 tons output is 240 million kcal, output 10 tons of gas boiler 600 million kcal.

2, the heat value of the fuel is determined: the heat value of natural gas is generally 8400 kcal per cubic meter, diesel calorific value is 10240 kcal per kg.

3, the thermal efficiency of the boiler is determined: the thermal efficiency is determined by the area of ​​the heating boiler.

4, the calculated fuel consumption: fuel consumption efficiency of the boiler heat output = ÷ ÷ boiler fuel heating value.

Heating industrial boiler best selling 20t kuwait auxiliary equipment and piping installation requirements What? Heating boilers in which the mounting auxiliary equipment and pipe specifications, and there are some specified requirements. Therefore, the following specifically explain, elaborate knowledge of the content it contains, which allow us to clearly understand that in order to have a firm grasp, and be applied flexibly. Heating boiler, the mounting regulate their auxiliary equipment and piping, it is mainly: (1) for the auxiliary equipment based on the strength of the concrete, is necessary to meet the design requirements, so that it can be securely mounted boiler. In addition, the foundation coordinates, elevation, location and geometry of the bolt holes, etc., but also meet the requirements, so as to. (2) The open boxes, cans and the like, to be installed before the full water test, which is generally filled with water, and allowed to stand for 24 hours to check for leaks or leakage problems, yes, then the test is not by. In addition, the hydrostatic test should be carried out, time is 10min.