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Price price gas boiler 1 ton commercial best selling indonesia gas boiler: gas boiler during operation can be carried out from two aspects of preparation and inspection work before the start of the run. Prepared before the start: a normal condition of gas pressure check to see if the valve leaks, and a valve switch is in place. 2. To test whether the gas alarm system to work properly, it is necessary to test whether the fan can be started. 3. In order to check the water softening system, the softening agent should be in operation, the water level of the tank should be in a normal state. 4. Check the boiler, the switching valve decontamination, to see whether it is working properly. 5. Circulation pump outlet valve closed, to start the circulation pump, slowly open the outlet valve, the outlet pressure is adjusted to 0.3-0.35MPa, back pressure to 0.2-0.25MPa. Check operation: 1. Open the power boiler, the boiler normal firing condition monitoring, checking and flame status of each component of the operation sound. 2. boiler heating situation can not be ignored, the transformation of large and small control if normal. 4. Return water temperature recorded for each circuit, the water supply valve to adjust the return water temperature consistent. Recorded once every two hours each circuit water pressure and temperature. 5. After checking the boiler pressure, temperature display abnormal situation, should stop to check the boiler. 6. Check the gas flow and gas pressure stability is within the normal range, to determine whether there is clogging of the filter. 7. Check whether the pressure pump abnormal noise and other anomalies.

Since the beginning of 2017, Qingdao City, Shandong Province to carry out the transformation of governance coal-fired boiler 1 ton commercial best selling indonesia, as of today, has a total payment of coal-fired boiler exhaust gas treatment and transformation subsidies of 240 million yuan in 2014 to 2016 for the sum of the total grant funds, the city this year We will continue to invest 350 million yuan for the renovation subsidy ultra-low emission coal-fired boilers.

Statistics show that January-October 2017, Qingdao City, "blue sky, starry" increased by 16 days the number of days year on year, totaling 289 days, accounting for more than 95% of the total number of days throughout the year, fine particulate matter (PM2.5), respirable The average concentration of particulate matter (PM10) reached 35 micrograms / cubic meter, 70 micrograms / cubic meter, an improvement of 16.7%, 14.6%, the highest in the province for the past five years, the highest level in the same period, the air quality in the first half to get the provincial government incentive funds 16.77 million yuan.

2014-2016, municipal finance coal-fired boilers and efficient treatment and transformation project grants 230 million yuan, began to be 100,000 yuan subsidy per ton of steam coal-fired boiler exhaust governance 2016 (Note: in 2016 began to carry out boiler subsidies, continues to the present is still the case).

Boiler pressure and boiler 1 ton commercial best selling indonesia pressure difference between what is fact, many corporate buyers boiler for the difference between the two is do not understand. So for the boiler, it is the choice very difficult. Let alone teach other people how to recognize the pressure, atmospheric hot water boiler and pointed out their characteristics. So the need for boiler and pressure boiler pressure difference what the specific detailed understanding of, one, to see changes even when the furnace pressure is low cost pressure hot water boiler, furnace pressure and atmospheric pressure is always the same hot water , does not change with temperature. Pressure boilers, by contrast, due to the furnace system is a closed vessel and piping components will naturally change along with the increase in water temperature. This is a more intuitive way to distinguish between these two pressure variations from the furnace. Second, the problem to see the water level control operation in order to achieve atmospheric pressure, the boiler is connected to the inlet and outlet of the circulating pump, the intake of hot water heated in the boiler to the user. Return pipe and boiler water inlet into the water is equal to the user's necklace. Thus, the presence of level control pressure hot water boiler problem top box remains connected to the boiler when the irrigation tube, the presence of level control problems. Pressure hot water boiler water level control problems, this is an important distinction. Third, look at the structure of limitations compared with pressurized hot water boilers, pressure hot water boiler has a lot of structural parameters. Turbocharged different boiler structure strict restrictions on the boiler capacity, and parameters of the installation location, only reasonable pressure hot water boiler heating surface arrangement to ensure the reliability of the water cycle, limitation on the structure is small. It can be designed, constructed and installed in accordance with the actual needs of the user to a large extent, but also more flexible.

Gas hot water boiler 1 ton commercial best selling indonesia for residential, residential, hotels, office buildings, villas, hotels, schools, swimming pools and other medium and large venues. Having a national energy efficiency, five gas hot water boiler emission standards, there are five distinct application characteristics. 1, independent operation, mutual backup gas hot water boiler can take a modular control systems, multiple parallel small tonnage boiler, either a single use can be more than one match, not a waste of resources. Even a single failure, but also to achieve online maintenance, never stop. 2, no duty, to reduce the cost of gas hot water boiler is equipped with an independent PLC intelligent control system, can be completed automatically, and real-time monitoring of operation boiler, once a fault is detected immediately start warning device. No staff on duty, greatly reduce administrative and personnel costs. 3, boiler pressure, no annual inspection gas hot water boiler mostly pressure boiler, working pressure between 1 ~ 2Bar, does not belong to the special equipment stipulated by the state will be exempted from inspection. 4, quiet and efficient, energy saving gas hot water boiler with quiet combustion, less than 40 decibels, the thermal efficiency can reach 107.5 percent, ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions <30mg / m³, and China is trying to build a green living concept consistent. 5, short construction period, small gas hot water boiler condenser and economizer placed in the boiler body, only a very small overall footprint. Helping boiler factory, the transportation in place, the installation takes just one to two days, do not delay your normal use.