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State all the more attention to environmental protection, to provide more excellent atmosphere, we respond positively to the country's environmental protection, promote the boiler from coal to gas project. Among the many boiler suppliers, we chose the fast boiler. First, the party quickly done very well in terms of cleaning the boiler, the second is fast side also very comprehensive after-sales involved. The optional gas boiler was used after running fully meet the needs of our pharmaceutical production, both energy-saving and environmental protection, but also a very high thermal efficiency, saved us a lot of fuel costs. --customer feedback

Heating hot water boiler blowdown processing techniques which: sewage, is a part of the process of boiler operation, it must be the aim of boiler blowdown pot containing a high concentration of water, as well as corrosion of boiler water and sediment to drain was the boiler water salinity is maintained within a prescribed range, so as to reduce the expansion of the boiler water and the foam layer occurs, thereby reducing the salt content and humidity of steam to ensure good quality of steam. At the same time, the sewage may eliminate or mitigate fouling in the evaporator by the surface of the pipe.

A single large-tonnage tonnage of small boilers and dual-stage gas-fired boiler which is good relative to coal-fired boilers environmental pollution caused serious shortcomings, gas boilers because of its unique clean, environmentally friendly features becoming more common. Enterprises in the purchase of gas boilers, according to their own needs to choose the right type of gas boiler is a prerequisite for the sound development of enterprises. So, under the same heating demand, choose to install gas boiler single large tonnage good or install a gas boiler two-stage small tonnage it better? In winter climate characteristics, Chaoyang Area, with a single 10 steam tons / hour of large 8 ton steam boiler industrial cheap jordans and double sets of 6 tons / hour of small boilers, for example. November 1 - 30 November: average temperature -6 ~ 8 ℃. December 1 - December 30: average temperature of -13 ~ 0 ℃. January 1 - 30 January: average temperature of -16 ~ -2 ℃. February 1 - 2 28th: ​​average temperature of -13 ~ 2 ℃. March 1st - March 30: average temperature -6 ~ 9 ℃. On the whole, the average minimum temperature in January, December and February, followed by November and March, higher average temperatures. A single boiler (10 t steam / hour) advantages and disadvantages of a high thermal efficiency (fast boiler up to 107%), rapid heat transfer rate. 2, the price (6 tons of steam / hour) boiler is lower than the two-stage small tonnage. 3, fuel consumption and more. 4, if no backup boiler, once the boiler failure caused downtime, will lead to paralysis of the entire heating system. 5, auxiliary equipment (pumps, water, etc.) than the dual stage small tonnage (6 t steam / hour) boiler power consumption. Second, the advantages and disadvantages of the double sets of small boilers (steam 6 t / hr). 1, can be flexibly adjusted according to the outside temperature using the number, the colder weather station while the dual-boot, you can enable single boiler when the weather is warmer. 2, lower fuel consumption. 3, lower energy consumption of auxiliary equipment. 4, the two boilers can alternate each other, to ensure that normal heating of the whole heating period. 5, two sets of small boilers more expensive than a single large boiler higher. 6, boiler room covers an area of ​​relatively increases. After the summary of the above we are talking about a single large-tonnage tonnage of the boiler and double sets of small boilers each with its advantages and disadvantages, enterprises in the purchase must be combined with their own actual situation, boiler engineer and professional docking, listen to the views of the right to choose the most suitable business development boiler equipment

Information on the boiler water level and some difficult questions: for boiler manufacturing unit or enterprise, whether the work can be installed boiler? Boiler drum water level and water level, whether it is the same? And, on this important site boiler products, as well as what issues are important and must be addressed? Ask these questions, its main purpose is to elicit the article to the content, so the following, without further ado, immediately to answer it. 1. boiler manufacturing unit or enterprise, if the installation of the boiler work? This problem, if the reference "Installation and reconstruction of boiler units of supervision and management rules," the standard, then the answer is yes, that is, boiler manufacturing unit or enterprise, can work to install the boiler. Since the units or enterprises have gained boiler manufacturing license, then, for the production of boiler products, installation work can be carried out, you do not need to obtain a license.