4 ton mobile gas hot water boiler for hire

Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, the transformation of coal-fired boiler control policy in accordance with the latest introduction of the "not big on the small" principle to give "Yijiangdaibu" financial support to owners of units, specific subsidies are as follows:

1, for a single 1 ton / hour or more than 0.7 megawatts of clean energy and coal-fired boilers by 100,000 yuan to subsidize steam tons of standard /.

2, coal-fired heating boilers mentioned standard governance and meet the national air pollutant emission limits in particular boiler, according to subsidize 50,000 yuan / ton steam standards, subsidies does not exceed 30% of the total investment quota.

3, for a single 1 ton / hour or 0.7 megawatts of utility units (including schools, health centers, hospitals, neighborhood or township government offices and other public units) clean energy transformation of coal-fired heating boilers in accordance with the actual heating area subsidies, allowances of 100 yuan / square meter.

Heating expert by your side - gas boiler in winter, the weather gradually getting cold up a lot of my friends say this winter is the coldest winter ever, then we do a good job of heating in winter is very important, and because heating in different ways, we now housing complex method of heating can be divided into the following categories: air conditioning heating, radiator heating, geothermal heating, boiler heating, etc., but the most convenient way of these heating air conditioning heating, but compare their heating costs high, radiators and geothermal heating although heating can also be slow but the heating effect, integrating all the advantages of both speed and can save costs in respect of the preferred heating boilers, heating boiler we all know that there are a good variety: the first is coal boiler, because of its low cost is widely used so the effect is very good, but because it will produce a lot of pollution and waste gas after burning garbage, so now banned state environmental protection departments. The second is burning biomass, which is a few years to the increasing popularity of new energy sources, but because of its limitations and is not suitable for urban development. The third is a gas-fired boiler, gas boiler compared to other boiler combustion efficiency can be as high as 95% figure in terms of boiler thermal efficiency is the highest, that is to say that we are saving a considerable part of the cost increase the efficiency of the boiler, and more importantly what is now the city's district basically ventilation gas boiler can be used both for heating and hot water supply, and essentially no pollutants in the combustion process, and more after the garbage is not burned do not have to clean up, it can be described as residential quarters necessary equipment, as well as the most important one is Henan party fast production of gas boiler quality is very high quality, technology and accessories are imported German technology, basic many years will not appear on the quality problems, and virtually save you a lot of maintenance costs. The combination of these characteristics and therefore we propose, as a gas boiler heating experts around us, in full compliance with its title, whether it is housing complex, Business hotel, or administrative units such as the use of gas as a heating boiler facilities do any harm, so do not hesitate direct online order now!

4295, Henan reasons gas boiler chimney white smoke and some will Henan gas boiler chimney white smoke, some Henan gas boiler chimney does not smoke because of wet dust removal equipment used. Large water content of the flue gas. If the rear of the boiler flue temperature is too high, it will produce water vapor. Dry type cyclone. If the boiler air distribution adjustment is not the time. Excessive air excess factor. Short residence time in the furnace flue. The exhaust gas temperature is too high. Smoke density and air density difference is large. It may produce a visual image of white steam plume. The truth is like the summer heat flow on the same asphalt. Henan gas boiler includes a gas water boiler, gas 4 ton mobile hot water boiler for hire, gas steam boilers, gas hot water boiler which is also known as gas heating boilers and gas boilers bath, as the name suggests refers to the gas boiler fuel gas boiler, gas boilers and oil-fired boiler , compared to the most economical electric boiler, so most people have opted for a gas boiler as steam, heating, boiler equipment for bathing.

Furnace pulverized coal fired boiler is smaller than you: Today saw a piece of content, said: with the same capacity, oil-fired boiler furnace is smaller than pulverized coal. why? The following reasons: the size of the furnace volume, in the boiler capacity is determined, depending on the size of the volume of heat load. Volumetric heat load size is mainly determined by the type of fuel. After the fuel into the furnace, it will take some time to burn. Typically all the required fuel burn before leaving the furnace, the pulverized coal burnout is obviously longer than oil, i.e. coal flame longer than oil. To ensure long-term safe operation of the boiler, not only to prevent the boiler slag, and flue gas at the furnace exit is low to make the temperature at the start of the deformation ratio of ash flue gas temperature 50 ~ 100 ℃, at the outlet of the furnace and to prevent subsequent convection slagging heating surface. In many coal ash content, coal-fired furnace to control the furnace exit gas temperature typically of 1050 ~ 1100 ℃. The fuel oil furnace because very little ash, furnace slag is not dangerous, do not consider the problem of slagging furnace slag discharge outlet pipe, so the furnace exit gas temperature can be higher. For the above two reasons, the volume of the thermal load is higher than Pulverized fuel boiler. Pulverized volumetric heat load is about 145 ~ 185kw / m3, and the volumetric fuel burner heat load of up to 255 ~ 350kw / m3, so the same volume of the furnace fuel burner furnace capacity is relatively small pulverized coal fired. Rinse water gauge oil-fired boiler