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Beiqi Panthers in the car to communicate with the company, expressed full confidence in our company, cooperation is very smooth. Since the boiler price commercial 4t cyprus departure two years, our technical staff has been concerned about the relevant boiler operation through remote monitoring system to provide strong and stable technical support services for the Beijing auto Panthers. --customer feedback

6 tph WNS condensing gas-fired steam boiler price commercial 4t cyprus for rare earth factoryYixing Xinweilicheng Rare Earth Co., Ltd. is a rare earth enterprise engaged in the separation and deep processing of rare earths under the banner of Yixing Xinwei Holdings Co., Ltd. It is one of the leading enterprises in domestic rare earth industry. Its product quality is stable, and its product is exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Europe and other countries and regions. Its annual output is 2,500 tons of ionized ore, 6,000 tons of rare earth chloride, 300 tons of rare earth fluorescent materials, and 1,000 tons of metal. Yixing Newweilicheng Rare-Earth Co., Ltd. has compared with other companies, and purchased our company's WNS series of condensing gas-fired boilers. The boiler has the characteristics of safety, reliability, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental, convenient maintenance, durability and automatic intelligent control. After being tested by the Energy Testing Center of Special Testing Institute, all performance indicators of our boiler are higher than the design requirements and have reached the international advanced level.

[5], and boiler price commercial 4t cyprus fuel gas boiler is not much difference in terms of the body structure, but due to the different heat value of fuel, the heating surface were adjusted accordingly. I.e., oil-fired boiler radiation large heating area, and the sucked gas boiler convection heating surface designed larger.