Low Price Energy Saving boiler 1 ton Cyprus

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Hot water low price energy saving boiler 1 ton cyprus structure which in the end, whether production or life, hot water boiler is we who need to use long-term, and that they now Xiao Bian gave you tell us about the structure of the relevant hot water boiler. A blower: blower air outlet of a filter is placed, after absorbing the air into the blower when the burner used to carry out flame adjustment. Second, the water pump: mainly from the second step into the flue gas pumping water softener collector, thereby absorbing energy of the hot water boiler flue gas emissions of warm water once. Third, the system of gas: natural gas containing access, burners, gas management system. Fourth, the protection valve: placing a certain value, exceeds the preset value active relief. Five more hot water boiler control and management systems, and other components of these structures is certainly a hot water boiler, if produced on the way, poor water quality rules boiler operation, is to keep from the furnace, must pay more attention. On the way produced, hot water boilers to regular maintenance, and maintenance process of careful records only careful use of maintenance to keep before they can increase productivity deeper level, not only to grasp the negative results occur.

When the low price energy saving boiler 1 ton cyprus water filling, why should the provisions of Sheung Shui Sheung Shui temperature and time required? Operating procedures and boiler temperature of Sheung Shui Sheung Shui time are clearly defined, mainly consider the safety of the drum. Sheung cold furnace, the drum wall temperature equal to the ambient air temperature, when the feed water through the economizer into the drum, the drum inner wall temperature increased rapidly, and the temperature of the outer wall to the outer wall with the heat transmitted from the inner wall gradually increases . Since the thick-walled drum (pressure in the furnace is 45 ~ 50mm, autoclaves of 90 ~ 100mm), an outer wall temperature rises slowly. The inner wall of the drum has a high temperature expansion trend, while the outer wall temperature is low, to prevent the inner wall of the drum expansion. Compressive stress so that the inner wall of drum, and an outer wall subjected to tensile stress, so that thermal stress generated drum. Thermal stresses and the size depends on the thickness of the inner and outer walls of the drum wall temperature difference, the temperature difference between the inner and outer walls and in turn depends on the temperature Sheung Sheung speed. Of water on a high temperature, Sheung fast speed, the thermal stress is large; the contrary, the thermal stress is small. As long as the thermal stress is not larger than a certain value is permitted.

How to judge whether the gas-fired hot water low price energy saving boiler 1 ton cyprus manufacturer is of high quality?

With the continuous improvement of hot water boiler equipment R & D technology, gas-fired hot water boiler, which has been introduced in recent years, has been favored by more and more users. This is because the gas-fired hot water boiler has the remarkable characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, safety and automatic operation, so it has gradually replaced the traditional boiler equipment. In many manufacturers, how to determine the quality of manufacturers has become the most concern of many users. Generally speaking, to determine whether the gas-fired hot water boiler manufacturer is of high quality or not, it is mainly assessed through the following three aspects:

1. Gas-fired hot-water boiler manufacturers that pass the quality of their products usually have outstanding quality advantages over their quality. For example, in order to increase the stability of boiler performance, pure imported gas-fired hot-water boiler burners are selected. Boiler materials are more resistant to high temperature and so on. In addition, the gas emissions of good equipment are within the range allowed by the state, and the enterprises will not be investigated and punished by the state environmental protection supervision department because of the occasional toxic gas exceeding the standard.

2, the strength advantage of the manufacturer obviously wants to determine whether the manufacturer's high-quality users still need to know in many ways the strength of the gas-fired hot water boiler production institution, such as how many boiler workshops are in the factory area and how many boiler testers are equipped. The advanced level of supporting equipment of boiler laboratory, the number of high-end technical personnel and the number and scale of R & D laboratory. Through the detailed understanding of the hardware of this factory, it is judged whether the factory has the ability to produce high-quality gas-fired hot water boiler equipment.