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Hot water boilers and steam boilers in these areas there are differences: the boiler is an important means to heat the fuel transfer heat to the appropriate device, it is now being widely used aspects of industrial production and heat supply in. In the boiler range is popular steam boilers and dealer 1 ton hot water boiler industrial vietnams both types, literally, we can understand the heating method of heating hot water boilers and steam boilers used is not the same, but the heat the gap between water boiler and steam boiler not only that, fast boiler is easy to find out more about the differences between hot water boilers and steam boilers.

According to the central environmental supervision feedback on the issues raised in item 50: "Mudanjiang 108 wood processing enterprises, 69 there is the issue of illegal construction projects, companies supporting more than 114 boilers for small hand-burning stove, black smoke very serious people to report complaints, "the rectification of the problem. Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, the municipal government attaches great importance to conduct a comprehensive renovation work for small coal-fired boilers.

The beginning of tasks to carry out, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Mudanjiang City Center 108 existing wood processing enterprises in coal-fired boiler equipment to be checked. Inspection and found 69 illegal construction projects there is a problem, companies supporting more than 114 boilers for small hand-burning stove, black smoke is very serious. To date, there are 65 companies to complete the record, four enterprises waste industry. By Trade and Industry Bureau of Quality Supervision and verification, 114 sets of small boilers of this regulation in the wood enterprises, has completed the transformation units 62, cancellation, revocation 23 units, idle shutdown, waste industry 26, and removal of three. Wherein Yangming boilers zone 97 (where the 58 transformation is complete, the boiler cancellation, revocation table 21, the idle shutdown, industry waste boiler 18); boilers zone 12 (where the grid and transformation of the two, the idle shutdown the six, cancellation of Taiwan, has been demolished three); Dongan District 3 boilers (in which the transformation is complete for two, small boilers cancellation Taiwan); Xi'an area, Edmonton area each in Taiwan, the company has waste industry.

Next, the relevant departments will conscientiously implement the municipal government on Ecological Construction Decision deployment environment, learn from experience and practice fraternal units, work together to tackle, wood enterprises continue to consolidate and expand the results of pollution remediation, pollution prevention and determined to win the battle , to create the sky bluer, more green mountains, clear water and more beautiful environment, Mudanjiang modernization and make due contributions.

On the other side of the tube wall, buildup from scale or deposits caused by improper water treatment will also act as insulation to prevent heat transfer, and as a result you will have to add more fuel to maintain the same steam production rate. Scale buildup on the order of 0.18 inches can reduce heat transfer rates by almost 70 percent. Also, if the boiler is run with high flue gas temperatures, heat scale can build on tube surfaces, further reducing heat exchange and increasing the tube wall temperatures beyond design conditions.

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