Dealer Energy Saving steam boiler 2 ton Cyprus

A key factor in gas boiler "DeNOx" - the temperature

To prevent increased environmental pollution, China has introduced a number of environmental governance policy, boilers for heating equipment, also developed a series of standards. The recent introduction of atmospheric pollutant emission standards defined, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Xi'an and other cities to strict standards - controlling NOx emissions less than 30 mg / m.

This series boiler is a low energy consumption, less pollution, environmentally friendly products, can be used for central heating, industrial hot water supply, its design in strict accordance with the ASME standard, the future in the field of thermal energy equipment will play an important role.

Solution: In this case should be maintained to run at reduced load short time, until the boiler slow to a stop, and finally the withdrawal of the remaining water in the furnace, the furnace temperature and reducing the pressure, which is determined blast furnace and isolated from other steam main pipe.

November 27, Cape of Good Hope Hotel in Shanghai, boiler industry event - China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Industrial Boiler Branch of a member of the Seventh Conference was held. Industrial boiler industry, announced the list of the most influential brands of Congress, fast boiler with excellent product quality and leading technology standards, the participants in the boiler of 131 companies come out on top, to receive this honor. This honor is in the field of industrial boiler industry's highest honor, the boiler is full recognition of the other fast tireless efforts of the past two decades. Meanwhile, the Group Chairman Mr. Lu Haiqing industrial boiler industry also won the "outstanding figures" the honorary title, was elected vice chairman of the General Assembly for the branch of the boiler.