chemical industry gas vacuum water tube boiler for sale

3, long life

Oxygen precipitation in the vacuum boiler water running alongside the intermediate medium outside of the furnace, so long as the small amount of heat added in one aqueous medium, the calcium and magnesium ions can be limited, so that scaling does not occur inside the boiler, thereby increasing the life of the boiler.

Fangkuai Group has more than 60 independent intellectual property rights, advanced clean fuel boiler manufacturing technology, and jointly established a clean fuel boiler production, research and research cooperation base with Tsinghua University and Xi'an Jiaotong University. An enterprise with a R & D and test center for clean fuel boilers. The thermal efficiency of “Fangkuai” boilers can reach 107%, which has been included in the national special equipment energy-saving catalog. The company developed ultra-low nitrogen full premixed combustion condensing boilers and ultra low nitrogen emission fuel gas boilers, which are developed by the company using Ultran condensation technology.


1, never risk of explosion, by automatic devices such as vacuum, atmospheric pressure inside the boiler is always lower than the external pressure, the risk of an explosion outside does not occur even if a failure occurs, use very safe.

2, long service life, heating medium water prior to injection into the boiler deoxygenated, softening process, is a high water and not to rise during use, the need for supplemental, no internal fouling, greatly extended service life.

What are the advantages of vacuum boiler of a few? Because the internal vacuum boiler furnace is a vacuum state so that after heat medium is heated to evaporate inside condenses on the heat exchanger, so the use of the process than add another heating medium, but also more energy efficient than other types of boiler environmental protection. So if you know what are the main advantages of the most trusted vacuum boiler has it? Here to tell you about the various advantages of vacuum boiler. 1, because the energy-efficient vacuum boiler at the time of production design uses a vacuum suction hot technology, it is possible to allow operation of the boiler in a vacuum state, and its boiling point is low, and the latent heat of vaporization can be performed (latent heat) heat exchangers, and the use of good wet back three return body design, and can effectively improve the heat transfer performance of radiant and convective heat transfer area, the more energy efficient. 2, a machine not only due to the vacuum boiler is divided into vertical, horizontal, and a gas fuel and other variety of models to the user the freedom to choose, but also because of its header and the heat exchanger is an isolated state, for heating water and hot water load can be used while switching according to actual needs at any time, users can fully meet the different requirements for water heating and sanitary hot water and hot water to ensure stability in order to achieve a clean machine. 3, easy to install in the manufacturing process because the use of a vacuum in the boiler modular design, assembly and use of high-performance heat exchanger, so a smaller volume of the whole unit boiler, not only easy to transport and storage but also more simple installation method convenient, but also can be easily installed in a small space or multiple units in parallel according to actual needs. The main advantage of these three parts is vacuum boiler. It is because of first-class vacuum boiler with high efficiency and ease of installation advantages obtained the favor of many enterprises, while home users can also achieve the integration of heating water and domestic water by vacuum boiler of a machine characteristics, thereby saving resource conservation cost.