boiler Price Energy Saving 1t Cambodia

First of all, to control the boiler price energy saving 1t cambodia into the water, soft water is through water treatment, or do not contain very small amounts of calcium and magnesium ions, eliminate the possibility of boiler fouling arise from the source.

WNS steam boiler price energy saving 1t cambodia conservation needs to do what recent customers find us fast boiler, maintenance aspects of consulting WNS steam boilers do what check? To solve this problem, our technicians providing answers. 1, external to the inspection process in the boiler low nitrogen periodically check the state of the external boiler, the boiler housing to ensure that no traces of rust corrosion occurs, and the connection between the various parts of the loose without loosing phenomenon, the appearance of the boiler deformation does not appear. In addition, welds and heat affected zone of the boiler also check there is no defects such as cracks, where necessary, be checked using the surface inspection or other testing methods. 2, a low nitrogen boiler internal inspection requires a lot of internal inspection of the site, wherein for the previous test of the defective parts, the same test methods to be employed, or increasing the appropriate inspection method of flawed or has been subjected to defect repair site focus review retest; head low nitrogen boiler tube plate, furnace combustion chamber and a return header and also must undergo periodic inspection; combustion apparatus in addition also check whether there is a boiler burning, deformation phenomenon. 3, the test needs to be tested to a predetermined pressure boiler pressure tightness and strength member is performed when checking for a low pressure nitrogen pressure boiler inspection, making the hydraulic inspection time to pay attention not to participate in the communication member of the hydrostatic test (such as outside the scope of boiler pipes, safety valves, etc.) should take credible measures to cut off. If the check is carried out at low temperatures, then we will take effective measures to freezing. These are some of the content WNS steam boiler should be regularly detected, at the time of WNS steam boiler inspection, detection order is also very important, usually the first internal inspection, water pressure inspection, do an external examination.

In recent years, the state environmental protection is all the more attention we as a company with the times, in order to respond positively to the implementation of the national environmental protection requirements from coal to gas project. But the choice of boiler price energy saving 1t cambodia suppliers in this area quite a headache, after repeated comparison and investigation, we chose to partner with fast boiler. Fang did not disappoint quickly proved that the recommended boiler operation after use to fully meet our needs, both energy saving and environmental protection, high thermal efficiency, to a certain extent, cost savings for our fuel. --customer feedback

A steam boiler price energy saving 1t cambodia refers to an industrial boiler that heats water to a certain parameter and produces high-temperature steam. Water is heated into steam in the drum and heat is emitted by fire in the furnace, which is the principle of the steam boiler. Steam boiler belongs to special equipment. The design, processing, manufacture, installation and use of the boiler must be supervised by the technical supervision department. The user can only use the steam boiler by obtaining the boiler license. Steam boiler pressure shutdown is a planned shutdown by slowly interrupting combustion until the load drops to zero. The concrete operation steps are as follows: 1. Reduce the boiler load, according to the length of the shutdown time, thicken the coal seam and thicken the coal seam. Generally do not exceed 200 mm, appropriate speed up the grate. 2, thicken the coal seam to about 1 mm away from the slag baffle, stop the furnace row rotation, stop the drum, and the operation of the induced fan, turn off the regulating plate of the small section air supply and the flue baffle to an appropriate amount, and maintain the weak combustion of the coal by natural ventilation, and carry out the discharge of the coal. Raise the boiler water level to the maximum allowable level. If the fire burns out of the coal gate, the grate can be turned on again and the coal will be moved back for a certain distance. 3, if the boiler needs to resume operation, just turn on the pilot, blower, adjust the smoke, air baffle and subsection air chamber to adjust the opening of the baffle, and adjust the thickness of the coal seam when the steam boiler burns normally. When the grate is turned on, the operation can be resumed.