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The second is the design issues, in the design of heating, because of the emphasis on security considerations, the design heat load calculation results are generally value relative to the actual needs are large, hot water boilers and more, radiator, large pumps, leading to the low-load, high flow and other undesirable phenomena has always existed; designers thorough enough analysis for pipeline construction, production of boilers can not fully consider the potential problem, the key fireman staff technical issues, are the problem, but in recent years by the technology continues to innovation, a lot of practice and testing, some problems have gradually improved, has made great progress in terms of common understanding, the actual design and also gradually move towards unification.

Emergency treatment and prevention of common accidents pharmaceutical factory boilers (a) Emergency treatment and prevention of common accidents pharmaceutical factory boilers (a) the most common type of pharmaceutical boilers than steam boiler low price 1t industrial malaysias, steam boilers in the process of operation, because they do not standard operation or other reasons or there will be many such as boiler accident, then how should deal with these incidents and prevent it? the following small series will take you to do one simple description of the accident. Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical boiler water boiler accident in the course of running, if the water level in the boiler water level gauge indicates lower than the lowest water level of the time, then this phenomenon is called boiler water, under normal circumstances, the boiler water also there is stress. Boiler water, water level alarm warning lights will, along with associated components will stop running. Of course, if more serious water shortages, tube deformation phenomena occur, will be a serious may have burst pipe. So action against these phenomena, in the course of treatment, the water level to be detected is operating correctly, and then determine whether the boiler water. Of course, if there are other circumstances, then take the appropriate measures in accordance with the actual situation. Slight water in the boiler, the fuel and air supply can be reduced, and slowly injecting water into the boiler when the water level returns to normal, add the fuel and air, until the return to normal. When the boiler severe water shortages, in accordance with the proper procedures to take emergency shutdown of the way to avoid explosion. Prevention (1) for regular cleaning of the boiler water gauge, detection, sensitivity of its operation to ensure correctness. (2) water supply system to strengthen the management apparatus and a water level alarm system, periodic servicing and maintenance. The above is a common emergency treatment and prevention of accidents pharmaceutical factory boilers, of course, standard operating during boiler operation, careful and meticulous, try to do preventive measures.

In response to the call of the State Environmental Protection Department, to further improve air quality, enhance people's happiness blue sky, located in Leshan City, Sichuan Province of the energy restructuring and clean coal-fired boiler as the primary task of air pollution control, to promote the elimination of coal-fired boilers remediation work. According to statistics, from January to October this year, Leshan City, the main urban air quality index improved 11.86 percent year on year, a figure that ranked third in the province; a few good days of 251 days, an increase of 29 days, compliance rate of 82.57%; PM2.5 average concentration of 44.5 micrograms / cubic meter, an improvement of 14.09%; PM10 average concentration of 69.0 micrograms / cubic meter, an improvement of 5.74%. Improve these figures can not be separated Leshan Municipal People's Government's strong support and initiatives. Leshan municipal government adhere to precise planning, but also a public green, clean living environment.

A careful planning. Since 2017, vigorously promote energy restructuring and transformation of coal-fired boilers, in-depth investigation status of the city's coal-fired boilers, having accurate number of the city's coal-fired boilers, steam tonnage and treatment facilities, the establishment of coal-fired boilers ledger. To promote the implementation of the "coal to electricity", "coal to gas" projects the city's key industries, coal-fired boilers to transform, adjust the expansion of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban.

Second, the fine classification. Classification of coal-fired boilers to carry out renovation work, from the source strict control of new coal-fired boiler, new and expansion projects to encourage the use of electricity, natural gas and other clean energy; with the implementation of small coal-fired boilers eliminated, medium and large transformation. The city 10 steam tons / hour or less and a total of 717 small coal-fired boiler units are all clear, a total of 1030 tons of steam. Medium-sized coal-fired boiler clean energy transformation or transformation in accordance with the deadline for ultra-low emission "should gas is gas, should the electric power" principle, Taiwan is currently the city's 44 large and medium sized coal-fired boiler clean energy transformation has been completed and ultra-low emissions transformation.

Third, the precise advance. Strengthening full control of behind schedule inspectors to speed up reform. Strengthen financial subsidies, to boost the progress of work, more than 7 million arrange special funds for the transformation of the atmosphere and medium-sized coal-fired boiler subsidy, cities, counties (cities, districts) to finance 20 steam tons / hour and clean energy alternative to coal-fired boilers the implementation of special subsidies.

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