Energy Saving boiler Low Price 10t Laos

Fang fast production of electric energy saving boiler low price 10t laos furnace using a reliable water separation design, better security; also features multi-level, a number of protective measures water temperature, secondary overheating, over-temperature, leakage, antifreeze, and other power anomalies, which frost protection Fang is fast unique patented technology, comprehensive protection of the safe operation of electric boilers.

Chemical plant energy saving boiler low price 10t laos drum bottom drum of which the bottom of the chemical plant boiler drum drum of which the bottom of the boiler drum drum of chemical plants What? From the test results and the situation of the boiler water treatment point of view, I believe, result in the bottom of the drum drum kit are the following two reasons. 1, the direct cause quick bottom boiler drum, directly by irradiation of the high temperature flame, and also by the erosion of the high temperature flue gas, when the bottom of the boiler water-side time scaling, since the scale of the thermal resistance of the metal material 40 to 100 times, poor thermal conductivity, so that heat can not be timely cooled furnace wall, resulting in ultra-high wall temperature, so that the strength of the metal furnace wall decreases, the time when the boiler pressure exceeds the yield limit of the furnace wall, the furnace wall may occur plastic deformation of the metal , the performance of the macro as a drum kit. 2, indirect causes of 2.1, when the structural defects of DZL DZL boiler furnace shorter boilers, combustion anthracite, anthracite because of high heat value, high flame temperature, lower furnace combustion unfavorable, if water is not in place, close to the flame easier generated in the boiler tube expansion. 2.2, boiler operation and management is not in place, managers thought the boiler is not ideal to use water treatment units do not pay attention, careless, boiler operator skill level is low, sense of duty, may cause boiler blowdown unscientific or not timely, water treatment poor, resulting in smoke tube boiler drum water wall tubes and other major health large scale pressure element junction. Now the half of the boiler water quality more representative test report, wherein the pH of the feed water (25 ℃) between 6.5 to 6.9, lower than the standard value (7.0 to 10.0); in hardness 1.0mmol / L ~ 2.0mmol / between L.

Ash Handling

There are eight bed ash drains, consisting of vertical pipes which extend through the furnace floor. The bed material is cooled in water-cooled screws located under the furnace windbox at each drain. The solids drain flow rate is controlled by the rotational speed of water cooled screws. While fluidized bed ash drain coolers have been specified for a number of boilers having high ash, water cooled screws were selected for this project. The choice between a fluidized bed ash cooler and screw cooler was carefully examined. The advantage of a fluidized bed ash cooler in utilizing the sensible heat in the bottom ash is offset by several disadvantages: a) in the case of anthracite schtib firing, there is a possibility of temperature excursions in the cooler due to carbon burnout leading to agglomerate formation, and b) a considerable amount of cooling air/flue gas is needed which can affect boiler performance. With multiple screw coolers, there is redundancy allowing for repairs to be made with the boiler on-line with little or no reduction of boiler capacity. Secondary separator recycle. The solids collected in the multi-cyclone are recycled to the furnace side wall injection nozzles at the required rate using air-assisted conveyors. One air-assisted conveyor serves two multi-cyclone hoppers. The flow rate to each conveyor is controlled by a variable speed feeder installed between the hopper discharge connection and the conveyor inlet. Control algorithms determine the aggregate quantity of solids to be recycled to meet furnace performance requirements and the flow rate from each hopper required to accommodate non-uniform distribution of solids from hopper to hopper. Excess solids are removed from the system when required by means of overflow pipes in each hopper. Solids from the overflow pipes are sent to disposal via the plant ash removal system.

Boiler + Things, security, intelligence is our reputation. Based on advanced networking technology, remote monitoring group launched the operating system of the energy saving boiler low price 10t laos, which in the domestic boiler industry are unprecedented breakthrough, the country has more than 4,600 boilers supporting the remote monitoring system, safe and stable running.