Seller High Efficiency boiler 6 ton Laos

How to adjust the focus in the hot water heating system hot water heating system, in order to ensure a constant indoor temperature, and reasonable economic operation of the heat source may be in the seller high efficiency boiler 6 ton laos room (or thermal station) for centralized adjustment in the boiler room, the most economical way to achieve the ideal heating heating effect. Concentration can be adjusted in several ways: (1) adjusting the mass: mass is adjusted according to changes in the outdoor temperature, the water temperature regulation, such as the outdoor temperature is higher than the local winter season heating design outdoor temperature, water temperature may be lowered to meet the indoor temperature Claim. (2) the amount of adjustment: the adjustment system changes the cycle of water pipe network. In carrying amount of the adjustment, the entire heating period is divided into several stages. When the outdoor temperature approaches the design outdoor temperature, design should turn on all of the circulating pump (not including standby pump); when the outdoor temperature is high, may be appropriate to reduce the number of the circulating pump, the circulating water can reduce the exotherm reduction chamber is maintained normal room temperature. Usually the amount of adjustment and can be selected using the integrated quantity adjustment. (3) Intermittent Heating: intermittent heating means when the outdoor temperature is high, and not to change the cycle of water supply temperature, but to reduce the heating time of day, this embodiment is generally applicable intermittent heating outdoor temperature is higher than the initial temperature of the heating design and late. Currently, some district heating regardless of the outdoor temperature changes, all use daily intermittent heating system, the actual way should not be a focus adjustment areas, while the room temperature will cause greater volatility. Centralized regulation should choose economical heating scheme, the main purpose is to ensure the quality of heating and unnecessary waste of fuel and energy, as well as the need to improve the quality of management and technical operations and management personnel.

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Electric heating seller high efficiency boiler 6 ton laoss serious power to find a cause, do not wronged electric boilers: Many users find, buy electric heating boilers run a year, two years later, the boiler power situation is getting worse, and the same as before or the same amount of steam output reached temperature, electricity consumption soared, but can not find the cause.