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Condensing gas supplier boiler commercial 6t turkey water level is too high hazard Some people think that some of the high water level, water condensing gas boiler is not easy, there are security guarantees. In fact, this is a misconception. The water level is too high, steam and humidity increase, poor steam quality, steam equipment will harm production and safety. Industrial boilers, the steam salt also increased, ranging from increased air consumption, ineffective, lower yields; heavy pipes, equipment or even the water hammer occurs. For utility boilers, steam moisture capacity, the steam turbine last stage blades will be erosion, there may appear Priming pot, water shock severe enough to cause harm equipment and personal safety. Therefore, the pot water level should be maintained at ± 50mm as well. Full of water condensing gas boiler accident hazards, mainly caused steam with lots of water, which may cause steam pipe water hammer, reduce steam quality, affecting the normal steam supply, serious cause superheater tube fouling, damage to the steam equipment . In the run condensing gas boiler, the boiler water level higher than the highest level of security and endanger the safe operation of the boiler phenomenon, called full of water accidents. Full of water can be divided into minor accidents and serious water filled full of water two kinds. When the water level exceeds the maximum allowable water level, but below the level of the upper edge of the visible table, although the water level or water table beyond the upper edge of the visible, but after opening the drainage cock water gauge, can quickly see the water level drops, belong slightly with water. The water level exceeds the level of the upper edge of the visible table, when the open drain cocks see when the water level drops in the water table, a serious full of water. When the water deficit in the accident is full, the water level in the water table almost invisible, but full of water and put water accidents can put water released from the water table, and the water can not drain pipe accident put water released from the water table.

Our hotel attaches great importance to environmental protection philosophy, always bear in mind the protection of environmental quality in Xiamen. Therefore, we chose to stay ahead of the fast supplier boiler commercial 6t turkey industry cooperation in clean and green boiler, electric steam boilers party fast to ensure that we provide the normal work requirements at the same time, has a very clear environmental performance. --customer feedback

Gas-fired steam supplier boiler commercial 6t turkey, does it have a useful life? Gas-fired steam boiler is a common and common type of boiler, so, like ordinary boilers, it also has service life or service life. Generally speaking, it can be used for about 8 years. If it is correct and standardized, it can be used for about 8 years. And maintenance is appropriate, then, in the use of life can also be appropriately extended. In addition, when the new boiler is used for the first time, it will be tested once every year after using 3 years. If the test is qualified, the relevant part will issue a certificate of conformity, which proves that the boiler can continue to be used.

2. Membrane water wall structure can ensure the seal ability of the furnace and improve the supplier boiler commercial 6t turkey efficiency as well.

3. Water cool structure can not only improve the rigidity and the reliability of the arch but also extend the service life.