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Load increases, the former is not adjusted by the same amount of fuel, the amount of steam production is less than the amount of steam, the steam pressure must fall. Water saturation temperature of the furnace should fall, it is stored in the boiler water and the metal portion of the furnace so that a portion of the heat of water vapor, a small amount to compensate for the increase in the load of steam. Vapor storage space in the drum is decreased when the vapor pressure to be expanded, so that the fuel is not increased before the pressure drop slows down. Conversely, when a load greater than the vapor produced, on the one hand the excess vapor in compressed form is stored in the vapor space of the drum, on the other hand the excess heat to increase the temperature and the saturation temperature of the metal in the form of boiler water stored, thereby slowing the vapor pressure rise rate. A high heat storage capacity boiler drum, so as to automatically adapt to changes in the load ability, which is the positive side.

Large plant CFB steam boiler manufactured by ZG will be exported to Brazil recently.ZG has been awarded a contract to supply the first two Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) boilers ever to be installed in Brazil large plant.Under the contract,ZG will provide two modular CFB steam boilers for a Large plant 2 Project in Brazil.

As the "Star Pavilion" on the show, the arrival of fast boiler is attracted quite a stir. Guests and friends from all over the world friends are gathered in front of "fast Boiler" booth, feeling the charm to bring clean boiler. This is the third appearance in the fast side of the trade show, our booth set up in the middle of the field, in the light against the background, beautiful booth set off for the scene of different merchants brought extraordinary appeal.

Fuel steam boiler blowdown operational purposes and pay attention to the four-point fuel steam boiler is oil as a steam boiler fuel. On the type of fuel steam boiler is both vertical and horizontal. And, corresponding to different types, have different scope. Fuel steam boiler blowdown purpose of operation: a Objective: to exclude the foam suspension boiler water surface, thereby reducing the amount of salt and alkali content of boiler water, steam boiler fuel to avoid Priming phenomena occur, ensuring the quality of the steam. Two purposes: to exclude dirt accumulation, sludge collection drum and the lower base of the box, to avoid a series of problems. Note 2. The oil-fired boiler blowdown precautions fuel steam boiler blowdown operations: (1) before the sewage work, first raised the water level in the normal position of the water level in the boiler (child have exceeded), and to be in the process strict monitoring, to prevent water shortages. (2) When the sewage for a period of time, to check whether the abnormal temperature sewage pipes, drain valve in order to check whether there is leakage, if any, should be resolved in time. (3) work for sewage fuel steam boilers, should follow the ground row, fewer rows and rows of uniform three principles, and sewage class at least once, so as not to appear boiler burst pipes and other problems, resulting in serious consequences. (4) Fuel blowdown steam boiler, the boiler is carried out under low load conditions and normal operating pressure, and the operation switch is repeated several times, so that the sewage can ensure better, and a thorough, in order to avoid residue, thus affecting the effect of blowdown and the work of the boiler. Above is the purpose of operating the sewage oil-fired boiler with four Precautions hope for your help.