4 ton boiler Distributor High Efficiency Cambodia

Fuel oil consumption steam 4 ton boiler distributor high efficiency cambodia thermal efficiency is calculated with the standard: on fuel steam boilers, this A boiler awareness and understanding, that is, learning of their work, have already begun, and so that we can promptly familiar with the website, which can be used to recognize different kinds of boilers, and to broaden their knowledge, and then to add some expertise. So, then, we will continue, so that we can make progress and development. 1. Fuel steam boiler, its fuel consumption, mainly to see what? Fuel steam boiler, this kind of boiler fuel consumption, the main boiler is to look at the tonnage. If it is 2 tons, and a pressure of 1MPa, then, in which the fuel consumption is about 140 liters per hour. Because if it is, then 1 ton, its fuel consumption per hour is about 70 liters. So, to sum up, then it is considered that the tonnage will be multiplied by 70, both boiler fuel consumption per hour can be obtained. 2.4 tons of fuel steam boilers, whether they are special equipment? Whether the need for regular inspection? If, in accordance with the boiler evaporation is greater than 30kg, that is part of the special equipment, then, four tons of fuel steam boiler, which is part of the special equipment.

Condensing 4 ton boiler distributor high efficiency cambodias can be used in enterprises, hotels, military, railway stations, airports, factories, hospitals, schools and other occasions. Its main use features are: high thermal efficiency - more money; exhaust gas temperature is low - more environmentally friendly; output medium temperature - good steam / hot water quality; high safety factor - once an exception occurs immediately start the alarm system.

3. Boiler House Power (BHP)

The boiler horsepower (Bhp or hp) is a unit of measurement of the boiler output. A Bhp is the amount of energy required to evaporate 34.5 lb / hr (15.7 kg / hr) of steam at atmospheric pressure and a temperature of 212 ℉(100 ℃).

The party soon provide us with three hot water 4 ton boiler distributor high efficiency cambodia output foot, gas combustion, efficiency is very high, for us to save a lot of fuel costs. Moreover, these hot water boiler can be achieved by adjusting the full 24 hours a use hot water to meet the daily needs of old people. --customer feedback