8t Hot Selling boiler Vietnam

Henan steam preheater gas 8t hot selling boiler vietnam start-up and shutdown 1, Henan gas boiler steam preheater how to start? Only after starting the blower, a steam inlet to the steam air preheater is heated, the preheater normal start operation is as follows: (1) open twelve steam preheater preheating steam inlet bypass valve and piping heating pipe, while discharging the pre- noncondensable gas heater, until the vapor pressure reaches 0.1MPa ~ 0.2MPa side again when close the upper discharge valve. (2) hydrophobic close the intake door, turn on the water trap before closing, after opening the door manually hydrophobic, hydrophobic bypass valve closed. (3) after opening the steam inlet damper door manually, and then close the bypass valve into the steam, and then adjust the degree of opening of the steam inlet damper according to an amount of heating steam. 2, Henan gas steam boiler outage how preheater? (1) Close twelve steam into the steam air preheater damper, front manually operated door, stopping the steam into the preheater. (2) the upper open air preheater exhaust door, turn on the water trap door open, drained hydrophobic. (3) If the temperature and pressure reduction device is put into operation, but also to stop it. (4) the steam air preheater longer outage, should tightly close all valves on the air preheater.

Moisture content of the indicator steam 8t hot selling boiler vietnams generally produced from saturated steam in steam boilers will contain some of the water, it is actually a mixture of saturated steam and water vapor Patent, commonly referred to as wet steam, said steam and moisture-free dry steam. Its total mass ratio of aqueous soda wet steam is known as steam humidity. In contrast to its total mass ratio of wet steam steam steam quality called soft drinks. Obviously, for the same wet steam, humidity and dryness which equals 1. For example, a steam humidity is 3%, the dryness of 97%, indicating that contains water and 0.97kg 0.03kg dry steam is saturated steam per 1kg of. Temperature is an important indicator to measure steam quality. Excessive humidity will not only reduce the quality of steam, affect the results, but also may cause the water hammer within the steam pipe, the pipe severe vibration, or even damaged. Steam boiler with superheater of moisture evaporated in the superheater, but also make fouling of superheater tubes, superheater not reliable superheater tube wall of the cooling caused by over-temperature is burned. Standard industrial steam boilers requires humidity, water tube boiler should be controlled below 3%, shell boiler should be controlled below 5%.

7 mw SZL series biomass fired steam 8t hot selling boiler vietnam is double-drums water-tube boiler. It can achieve absolute burning of the fuel. Easy to operate with high thermal efficiency.

Around the city to promote the coal to gas project, the major institutions of the heating system put forward higher requirements. Central Conservatory of Music is available to students and teachers clean, safe, comfortable, energy-efficient heating environment, protect the health of teachers and students, to transform the traditional 8t hot selling boiler vietnam treatment. Praise fast boiler Willie sharp series obtained in the transformation of low nitrogen boiler major institutions in Beijing, the Central Conservatory of Music in late 2017 with the signing of fast boiler boiler purchase contract, ordered six Willy sharp series V6-99, to for the entire school's heating facilities.