boiler Commercial 4t Hot Selling Jordan

Air consumption 4 tons pharmaceutical boiler commercial 4t hot selling jordan is the number: In general, pharmaceutical boiler air consumption is also a problem in the boiler selection process we have to consider, then it how to calculate it take you to do a small series below? simple to understand.

szl series steam boiler commercial 4t hot selling jordan in food industry

The szl series steam boiler is one of chain grate biomass boiler that produced by zbg, and is one of class product in zg. The boiler adopts many advanced technology and has many advantages of high effiency, various fuel adaptability and so on, is well known at home and aboard.

Condensing heat recovery boiler commercial 4t hot selling jordan efficiency analysis: large amount of hydrogen contained in the fuel element, burning a large amount of water vapor. Each combustion gas 1NM3 1.55KG steam may be generated, with considerable latent heat of vaporization, about 3700KJ, accounting for about 10% of the calorific value of the gas. At higher exhaust gas temperature, the water vapor can not condense emit heat with the flue gas discharge, heat is wasted. At the same time, but also take a large number of high temperature flue gas sensible heat loss with smoke formed larger.

Zhengzhou Sunrise Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. by the Dongxu Group, Henan Province, the state-owned asset management companies and Zhengzhou Investment Holdings Limited jointly made, mainly engaged in flat panel display and solar industry design materials, manufacturing and sales operations. Sunrise Optoelectronics project has been put into a production line, the second phase will continue the expansion, three new production lines to meet the production needs of Project Phase II, Sunrise Optoelectronics urgent need to increase new boiler commercial 4t hot selling jordan equipment. After investigation and screening of a number of boiler brands, determined to cooperate with the fast boiler, steam signed a 10-ton integrated condensing gas steam boiler (WNS10-1.25-Y.Q).