100tons szs gas hot water boiler in chemical engineering

Several reasons countries directly affect the efficiency of 100tons szs hot water boiler in chemical engineerings indicators basically carrying coal to natural gas operations in full swing, hot water boiler with a greatly contaminated by subtracting the fine dust, together with nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases get control. Efficiency index is an important indicator to measure the hot water boiler, give you a look behind the cause of a direct impact on several hot water boiler efficiency indicators. Through investigation, the hot water boiler wear and tear of the more important departments from these two places: the combustion air-fuel ratio of non-compliance as well as heat loss. Can reduce the heat loss can be fitted at the end of the hot water boiler exhaust gas recirculation formation of latent heat, or with more kinds of class condensing boiler. Fuel ratio of non-compliance inappropriate Summary: General hot water boiler based on ejector type burner, resulting in flexibility to adjust the air-fuel ratio can not be performed. Based on 70% of the hot water boiler is a mechanical blower burner, leading to substandard fuel ratio has the following several reasons: the more significant standard air-fuel ratio can be divided into two probability: when oxygen is excessive, there will not be excessive cold air is heat, hot water boiler energy use leading to increased efficiency hot water boiler index weakened; when oxygen is non-compliant, there will be insufficient combustion phenomenon, hot water boiler efficiency indicators have weakened.

Methods of operation and precautions gas steam boiler steam boiler with a gas advantage of social development is increasingly clear that the future economic level to enhance people will focus on comfort. Throughout the heating market innovation Although several decades of history in the worldwide gas boiler, but because of China's housing form, heating the environment and foreign difference is relatively large, there is currently in use gas boiler, there are still some unresolved issues The problem. Gas-fired boiler during use, the pipeline can be said is essential. Gas-fired steam boiler pipeline system is necessary to ensure normal supply of natural gas equipment, must pay attention to anti-corrosion of boiler tubes gas. Pipeline gas boiler heating system after a long period of use, will gradually varying levels of wear and degradation slowly, then the gas boiler pipeline corrosion problems which need to pay attention to it? Gas steam boiler heating pipe residual soldering flux has not been removed leaving a clean and cause corrosion in the water system, these regions are more easily aggravated rust corrosion, a long time would cause a pinhole on the heat sink, resulting in leakage. Some flux comprising an organic acid, bis more metals together form electrolytic corrosion effect. The most common heating systems made of stainless steel and iron materials with copper, galvanic corrosion occurs between the iron and copper, in which case, the corrosion rate of steel will be faster than the copper. Since the gas boiler system design, such as a bad selection pump, or the position of the obturator when the bad systems are not very good, the external negative pressure will pump air into the system, so that oxygen in the air system to accelerate corrosion of metal. Will have a good ability to maintain self-neutral water quality, but when the water quality is not good, there are a lot of home electric boiler condensing heat exchanger made of aluminum materials, aluminum is due to the appearance of easily forming a dense aluminum oxide protective film this layer of oxide film can easily be removed by acidic or basic water, resulting in occurrence of corrosion. The metal heating apparatus of the system generated during cutting, the whole or partial etching adhesive residue bonded pipe, as well as some mineral oils, residual casting sand and radiator systems of microorganisms in the system will be increased.

Gas 100tons szs hot water boiler in chemical engineering illustrate the advantages of gas hot water boiler itself also has some quality advantages, gas hot water boiler analysis of customer operations hobby made some improvements in the quality manufacturing process. We can supply good convenient for customers. Well that is that from the beginning for us to observe the advantages of gas hot water boiler description. First, the high level of automation level of automation gas hot water boiler itself is particularly high, it can be based on the customer's instructions to complete the start-stop and electric ignition and other operations on their own, at run time is the most stable and reliable, but also the occupation fire protection to avoid security problems. Second, the occupation is not easy to save fuel combustion interference film, it can increase the heat exchange, reducing heat loss to a large extent, saving a lot of fuel to customers, followed by customers when in operation and most are easy, some people do not need to use the time to care It will save time and save energy. Some advantages of the summary introduction gas hot water boiler, after said earlier, what is not the style of this public facility with a lot of thought. Later, when the selection of heat transfer facilities, should be a lot of thinking about it.

In October 2016, my company and the China Dunhuang International Hotel signed a ZWNSL2.1-1.0 / W-Y.Q vacuum condensing gas 100tons szs hot water boiler in chemical engineering to provide heating and hot water for the hotel. The boiler implementing the response to the national policy of environmental protection requirements and local environmental protection departments on a series of low nitrogen emission standard boiler requirements, in terms of design, manufacture, installation and other sectors have strict checks to ensure that the boiler safe and stable operation.