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Hot coals hot water boiler water vacuum filled What water? Water in the vacuum thermal coal boiler, special treatment is deoxygenated, such as high pure water cleaning, washed once injection is completed before delivery from the factory, in a closed loop inside the unit during use (evaporation - condensation - vaporization), during operation in It does not increase not decrease, no supplement or replace in the life of the unit.

Henan side vacuum boiler works fast: at the operating pressure of Henan local fast vacuum boiler, the heat generated by the fuel combustion in the boiler water temperature rises to the saturation temperature and the temperature of the water vapor produced in the same surface. Stainless steel tube with the water vapor in the heat exchanger by heat exchange in the heat transfer tubes are heated water steam outside the pipe into the negative pressure supplied to the hot water user. An outer tube of the steam were cooled and condensed back into water dripping water, and then is heated into steam, thus completing the cycle.

Fangkuai Boiler is based on low-nitrogen energy-saving and environmental protection. It focuses on the development trend and uses universal excellent technology, products and services. According to such a method, it is now applicable to the development of society around the world, promotes cutting-edge work in the future manufacturing industry, and maintains the ideal use of customers in various industries.

Nowadays, the heating of many residential areas is supplied by uniform boiler burning hot water, so the performance of hot water boiler plays an increasingly important role in consumer heating. The most common boilers on the market are vacuum hot water boiler and atmospheric pressure hot water boiler. However, many consumers do not have a thorough understanding of the two hot water boilers may have a certain deviation in understanding, the following is to understand the difference between vacuum hot water boiler and atmospheric pressure hot water boiler. One, the safety is different now professional hot water boiler is mainly vacuum hot water boiler, the inside of boiler is negative pressure energy At the same time, vacuum hot water boiler can be changed into normal pressure hot water boiler by correlation structure, so the safety is more obvious than that of vacuum hot water boiler. However, the normal-pressure hot-water boiler is safe and reliable as long as it is partially ventilated when it is used in the hot-water boiler, which is easy to use, so the normal-pressure hot-water boiler is especially safe and reliable. Second, the heating efficiency is different because the water volume of the vacuum hot water boiler is less, so the primary water quantity is less, so it is necessary to recycle and use burners for many times to heat the boiler. But the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler container only needs one time to open the burner can achieve the better heating effect, can effectively put the hot water boiler in the hot water boiler. When circulating water is heated, the thermal efficiency of atmospheric hot water boiler is higher than that of vacuum hot water boiler. Third, vacuum hot water boilers with different equipment complexity must be equipped with a series of basic facilities, such as vacuum pumps, in order to ensure vacuum degree, and atmospheric hot water boilers do not need to adopt control equipment to maintain vacuum degree. Therefore, it is easier to operate without complicated control equipment personnel, and the complexity of boiler equipment has the advantage of meeting the needs of more consumers when it is used. Nowadays, the hot water boilers with high sales volume are mainly vacuum hot water boilers and normal pressure hot water boilers. There are great differences in the use of these two points, both in Ann. The overall thermal efficiency or equipment complexity is different, so if you want to install the relevant boiler equipment, you can choose different machines and equipment according to your needs for hot water boilers.