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WNS gas boiler energy saving 6t factory direct supply malaysia condensate to prevent corrosion measure what (. 1) WNS run-off type gas boiler using the process should increase the boiler load, is to shorten the run time. Should be replaced during operation of the high-power burner, boiler intake air amount is increased, the fuel gas consumption is adjusted to more than 80% of full load boiler. (2) When heated wall temperature below the dew point temperature, water vapor in the flue gas will be condensed, corrosion heating surface, it should be provided before and after the condensate discharge tank means, promptly discharging the condensed water, while the drain should be used seal measures to prevent flue gas leakage. (3) the excess air ratio can be improved by adjusting the fuel-air ratio, so that the water vapor partial pressure decreases, reducing the dew point to prevent condensation water is generated, it is to be noted that the excess air ratio is increased so that the heat losses will increase . WNS type of gas boiler to transform a network, such that water entering the heat exchanger part of the boiler heating return water to the user in the heat exchanger, the remainder of the heat exchanger with a return to improve the mixing of the return water temperature of the boiler, or to reduce the flow rate of a circulation pump through a frequency conversion, in order to improve the return water temperature to prevent condensation of water.

In recent years, Hebei Province People's Government to respond positively to Blue Sky Battle action plan promulgated by the state, and all of 35t / h coal-fired boiler energy saving 6t factory direct supply malaysia and below in the Hebei province out of the transformation process. First Hospital of Baoding respond positively to the call of the provincial government, eliminate serious pollution of the original coal-fired boiler hospital, citing energy saving steam boiler to natural gas as raw material. After a series of market research, WNS Series Split hospital condensing gas boiler boiler other fast soft spot.

SUMMARY major maintenance system 1 gas boiler energy saving 6t factory direct supply malaysia, burner maintenance: cleaning gas Burner full turn cup, ignition means, filter, pump, motor and impeller systems, the lubricant added to the throttle linkage arrangement. Re-awarded for combustion testing. 2, the controller Maintenance: Maintenance detecting electrical components, control lines, the control box clean ash collection, each control point is detected. Finally sealed. Controller element to prevent the moisture. 3, water supply system maintenance: repair water treatment plant to check whether water quality standards, a comprehensive clean-water treatment system, to check the functioning of the pump and lift, check that each pipe valves can be used flexibly and so on. Water and electricity, the system closes the valve after each filled with water. 4, furnace maintenance: In order to make the boiler safe and economic operation lasting, must in daily use, strengthen the maintenance of the boiler. This is also to prevent lower thermal efficiency, an important measure to avoid the use of state of deterioration and boiler accident.

Second, the scientific and rational operation of the boiler energy saving 6t factory direct supply malaysia

An electric steam boiler on various wires to be contacted inevitable, therefore, be sure to check for all electrical wiring and the fastening point before the boiler, comprising a distribution cabinet, the control cabinet. Pump boiler water level gauge, pressure gauge, water level sensor, safety valve should be checked in order to start the boiler after confirmation normal.