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Boiler and specify different holes for bagasse fired boiler maker in korea corrosion, the following is mainly to answer some specific questions, which mainly are: the boiler furnace in the manholes and hand holes, which specifically refers to what? In addition, for low and high temperature boiler corrosion, how should it be understood? These are the problems associated with the boiler, therefore, let's learn it. 1. boiler furnace in the manholes and hand holes in the boiler, manholes, which refers to access for people in the sewer, etc. in order to carry out maintenance work. And thus it can enter and leave Pai Road, boilers and water pipes and other such facilities. The hand hole, which can be considered to reduce the manhole. Mounting object thereof is to facilitate the installation, removal, cleaning and maintenance work, namely, to facilitate the work of some of the internal device boiler. These two, is basically the same in structure, and is a short tube section of blind plates. In diameter, hand hole is 150-200mm, and there DN150, DN250 both nominal diameter. The manhole is in the 1000mn above. 2. The low temperature low and high temperature corrosion of boiler corrosion boiler: heating surface in the rear of the boiler, such as an air preheater and economizer, etc., if present, and sulfuric acid, then combine with water vapor to form sulfuric acid vapor, together with the temperature is not high, the sulfuric acid vapor will condense on the heating surface, thus forming the sulfuric acid corrosion, that is, low temperature corrosion. And, it is mainly found in the air preheater, but again there will be the economizer. High-temperature corrosion of the boiler: the boiler at a high temperature state, an alkali metal sublimation, and the flue gas is reacted with sulfur trioxide to produce a composite sulfate, then, have a heating surface tubes and boiler wall, causing corrosion. So, these one corrosion, known as high-temperature corrosion. Also, pay attention to that which is generally repeated, if not promptly treated, then the wall will gradually thinning, the worst case, there will be burst pipes phenomenon.

Factors affecting thermal efficiency of bagasse fired boiler maker in koreaIn order to improve the boiler thermal efficiency, save fuel, and increase the thermal economy of boiler work, it is necessary to analyze the factors that affect the boiler thermal efficiency. According to the formula of counter-equilibrium efficiency, the factors affecting thermal efficiency are heat loss of exhaust smoke, heat loss of chemical incomplete combustion, heat loss of mechanical incomplete combustion, heat loss of heat dissipation and physical heat loss of ash. These heat losses are analysed below.

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Steam bagasse fired boiler maker in korea manufacturer boiler teach you how to deal with waste water? Gas-fired steam boiler manufacturer boiler teach you how to deal with waste water? Boiler during long-term use in water treatment equipment inevitably aging, when abnormal equipment operation, high density turbidity of water supply, water supply process contains a certain amount of sediment . Evaporation of the water-containing deposits in the boiler will be deposited more deposits, resulting in clogging of the boiler tubing, cooling efficiency, boiler tube and other accidents. Purpose boiler blowdown is to avoid failures, reduced consumption of the boiler, to save energy and prolong the life of the boiler. Exhaust treatment method of a boiler waste water three kinds: 1, the continuous blowdown method: frequency number of sewage, the choice of the bottom boiler blowdown to remove slag, use a small time distance, sewage method of high frequency the sewage than sewage approach to long time is better to give many. Reduction disposal method: The purpose of this method is to ensure that there is sufficient air supply the boiler, and the boiler water quality can be controlled within the standard range. Due to excessive sewage, without causing large fluctuations in boiler operation, maintenance, and seriously affect the life of the boiler. 3, time control disposal method: use the time consistency of sewage water from the boiler to manipulate the balance, the boiler operation even more stable and healthy. Forming a water boiler slag, from time to time if emissions will cause pipeline explosion blockage. At the same time, the heat transfer effect is reduced.