Commercial Agent 1t boiler Maldives

At the end of 2017, China Guodian is located in Jiangxi Province Wanan Hydropower Plant After evaluating the situation, some of the steam commercial agent 1t boiler maldives used to purchase much-needed daily work. Sales Manager fast boiler combined with the actual situation of the power plant for its recommendation 2 0.5 tons of electrically heated steam boilers.

Pay particular attention to what the problem is what the hot water commercial agent 1t boiler maldives water filling hot water boiler? What specific purpose? What is relevant works? Is a question many people are more concerned about. It has two main purposes: heating and bathing. It Primarily, the hot water holding tank for recycling through the hot water circulation pump. Cycle again and again, and then heated in a hot water tank, to achieve the purpose of the bath. Through the hot water circulation pump, the hot water circulation pipe is heated, then through the radiator, in order to meet people's heating requirement. Boiler and hot water circulation pump combined, then combined with the heat, it can achieve the dual function of heating and bathing. Different applications, different users, boiler-related requirements are different. Therefore, the total market sales of relatively more types of boilers, boiler different types have different uses and functions. The tubular boiler with boiling water boiler type computer controller, the boiler functions stored on the smart chip. Its main function is to achieve intelligent, digital boiler and heating water temperature is automatically stopped. It can save gasoline. Drum boiler for hot water has been transformed with a steam boiler in use, due to the volume of the boiler is very large, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the water cycle, the boiler needs to have a certain height. Meanwhile, such a large volume of water boilers, can maintain the natural circulation, can effectively prevent the evaporation of the water pan. Heating boilers addition, when the boiler in Sheung Shui, we should also pay attention to the matter. Although this type of boiler, belong to the atmospheric pressure equipment. However, before using the boiler ignition device, should conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure the integrity of all before the main boiler parts and accessories can be watered in the boiler. Of course, before the boiler water, we need to pay attention to related issues. In the case of large-scale boiler water, boiler water should be treated before use to ensure that the boiler water is qualified soft water, so the boiler water sampling is required. Heating boiler feed water temperature should not be too high. The main purpose of the control is to ensure that the speed of the respective boiler feed water is uniformly heated. Because the heating boiler is uneven, it will lead to different pressures, then there will be a leak. For cooling boilers, boiler inlet water temperature must be controlled.

Fast commercial agent 1t boiler maldives condensing gas boiler produced using low nitrogen premix, and the like of FGR combustion technology, up to 108% thermal efficiency, combustion gas; further interlock with multiple intelligent control, precise and correct, full self-test, the user with the peace of mind, rest assured, at ease!

Industrial commercial agent 1t boiler maldives stoker boiler overpressure personnel, Water Shortage Accidents treatment of industrial boiler stoker boiler overpressure personnel, Water Shortage Accidents treatment of industrial boiler stoker boiler overpressure personnel, processing method 1 Water Shortage Accidents, industrial boilers appear overpressure accident boiler overpressure accident is due to the actual operation of the boiler actual pressure value exceeds the maximum working pressure caused. Boiler overpressure accident is an accident the most common accidents. Overpressure characterization: the boiler is running, when the pressure in the boiler is too high, the air pressure will be significantly increased, exceeding the safe working pressure of the boiler, boiler safety play a proactive action; boiler overpressure alarm will issue a warning signal; steam temperature rising Wait. Common causes of boiler overpressure are: gas fault does not operate normally with gas; valve failure, equipment failure alarm; relates to a boiler because defects result buck during use, the cross-sectional area of ​​the exhaust valve is not adjusted , still use the original terms of safety valves. Processing overpressure accident. Found boiler overpressure should be reduced combustion; if the boiler safety law does not work, can take artificial exhaust, or located vent valve on the boiler open for exhaust, to adjust the pressure of the boiler; maintaining an internal boiler water level is normal, reduce oven temperature; the oven before deciding to stop or resume operation, check the cause of the boiler overpressure and damage the furnace. 2, industrial boiler water accidents occur during use of the boiler, the boiler water shortage accident was mainly due to the boiler water level below the safety level. Boiler water often leads to additional boiler superheater heating surface tubes cause deformation even wave train; mouth off or leakage; boiler wall is damaged. In the use of the boiler, the boiler water accidents can not be properly resolved, will often bring very bad consequences, causing serious damage. During the accident boiler water treatment, we must first determine the severity of the accident boiler water, and then select a reasonable solution. When the boiler water accidents judge, the method used is called the water. The specific workflow is put cock open water table, water vapor union and even the water pipes were flushed, the union says is the subject of steam cocks closed, while closing the drain cocks. If the water level in the table who is appears, the boiler water shortage accident as minor, if there is no water in the water table appears, the water level has dropped to even lower water level or water pipes, which shows a serious lack of water boiler accident. Sheung Shui to be a slight lack of water in the boiler immediately when an accident occurs, to ensure that the water level in the boiler at normal levels. If by Sheung Shui, the water level in the boiler water level is still not back to normal, we need to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the boiler. When the boiler severe lack of water, the boiler must stop work.